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Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. (Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, Los Angeles, 1974) American actor. His father, George DiCaprio, was distributor of comics; Over time, and thanks to the success and popularity of his son, has taken the professional business of this child, while taking care of your finances. His mother, Imerline, separated from his father when Leonardo was only a year old. Both spouses shared custody of the child, until he decided to emancipate himself in 1997.

His studies were discrete; Did not go to college and did basic education in Los Angeles at John Marshall High School. Its dedication to the world of the image began in the field of the advertising for the television, soon to participate in films of informative type. His first appearance on screen was with the film Critters 3 (1991), a discreet title in which fear and a rare sense of humor were shaking hands.

Leonardo DiCaprio net worth

Leonardo DiCaprio

His debut as protagonist was in Vida de estechico (1993), directed by Michael Caton-Jones, where he shared a poster with Robert de Niro; She was only 19 years old. The film earned him the New Generation Award and the respective nominations for the Golden Globe and the Oscar for Best Actor. In that sense, a relatively abundant series of productions followed, which somehow helped to break through the winding path of stardom in American cinema.

So, participated in Who loves Gilbert Grape? (1994), as the disabled brother of Johnny Depp; And in Rapid and Mortal (1995), next to Sharon Stone and Gene Hackman, a western that tried to be innovative, to greater glory of the protagonist actress, but that did not pass of discreet. He was involved in a curious version of Romeo and Juliet (1996), with Claire Danes, where the eternal myth that William Shakespeare conceived and which has given so much play to the cinema was recreated in a particular way, in which reality and dream And games over time were mixed in order to bring history to our time and to be accepted by a young audience.

This trajectory served for DiCaprio to build an eminently intuitive history of actor, without academic formation, but that obtained good interpretations, without yielding the least before actors of more consolidated fame. His prestige was enhanced thanks to his physique: blonde, childish appearance, sweet and modern, with expressive clear eyes that can sometimes give his look a point of hardness and rebellion.

With Kate Winslet on Titanic (1997)

Nevertheless, his great occasion came to him when the not always well valued James Cameron offered him the masculine protagonist role in Titanic (1997). The film not only took a considerable number of oscars of the Academy – not the one of interpretation, precisely – but, in addition, it became a social phenomenon well above its undoubted cinematographic values.

Undoubtedly, one of the successes of Cameron was entrusting the two main roles to a couple like DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. They knew how to imbue romanticism and poetry with a sentimental relationship that was basically nothing more than the reissue of Romeo and Juliet, with the sinking of the ship and a social and historical picture as a backdrop. All this accompanied by a display of means and technology that they knew to use with intelligence, without hiding the history in whose service they were. The success for the film and its protagonists, especially DiCaprio, can be described as great.

Nevertheless, fame imposes its servitude, and DiCaprio has gone through bad personal moments. In spite of this, wrapped by him achieved international success, participated in the man of the mask of iron (1998), a new version of the melodrama of Dumas where it interprets the double paper of Luis XIV and its supposed brother, surrounded by a formidable trio , Composed of Jeremy Irons, Gerard Depardieu and John Malkovich. The result was discreet, but his character was the maximum incentive for millions of young women to approach the box office to see his idol.

Net Worth of Leonardo Dicaprio

The Net Worth of Leonardo Dicaprio in 2017 is $260 Million.

Projects have since accumulated in their agenda, although their youth has prevented them from being taken into account by the directors to participate in projects of more substance. It should be noted his participation in the project always brilliant Woody Allen, Celebrity (1998), where he gives life to a character who largely fits perfectly in his own biography, although somewhat caricatured: a young movie star who is literally Harassed by her fans and living in a world apart from luxury and eccentricity. A fan of video games and table tennis, it certainly consolidated as one of the most promising movie stars for the 21st century.

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