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Kevin Costner Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Kevin Costner Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Actor and American film director. A major Hollywood star since the late 1980s, he started out as an actor in a local theater group. After completing university studies and getting married, he worked for a month in marketing studies before deciding on an interpretive career.

He made his acting debut in an H. Heard film (Shadows run black, 1981). After playing minor roles in low-budget films, he played as a minor in two major productions, but the scenes he played were eliminated: in Frances (1982), a film in which he played the actor Luther Adler, he was left with only a line of Dialogue, and in Reencuentro (1983) was the corpse that appears in the sequence of the titles of credit.

Little by little his roles improved. It was released in 1983 with Lynne Litlman’s final testament, a feature film in which she played a survivor of a nuclear war. His role as gunman in Silverado (1985), by Lawrence Kasdan, launched him as a front-line actor, position that confirmed his successive performances in successful films.

He gained star status by playing the lead in Elliot Ness’s The Untouchables (1987), and by the late 1980s was already one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. A versatile actor, he played a navy and spy officer in No Dump (1987, by Roger Donaldson), a baseball player in Durham’s Buffaloes (1988, by Ron Shelton) and a farmer trapped in a fantastic situation in Field Of Dreams (1989, by Phil Alden Robinson).

In 1989 he created his own production company, TIG, and the following year directed his first film, Dancing with Wolves, a story of a soldier of the American Civil War and the Sioux people, who achieved an impressive commercial success and was awarded seven Oscars, including The best director and best film. He later chaired a series of commercial successes (JFK, open case, The Bodyguard, Robin Hood, the prince of thieves) that made him a superstar.

His career as a director suffered a setback in 1995 because of the controversy raised by Waterworld, one of the most expensive films in film history that was ultimately a commercial failure. But again he received excellent reviews as a director for Open Range (2003), a western shot according to the classic canons of the genre and masterfully played by Robert Duvall.

Net Worth of Kevin Costner 

The Net Worth of Kevin Costner in 2017 is $300 Million.

Other notable films in which it participated like actor are A perfect world (1993, of Clint Eastwood), in which it interpreted to a fugitive convicted pursued by a ranger of Texas, message in a bottle (1998), between the love and the game (1999), Thirteen Days (2000) and Dragonfly (2002).

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