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Ken Loach Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Ken Loach Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. British film director, author of titles such as Hidden Agenda, Earth and Freedom or My Name is Joe, in which he expressed his political-social concerns with a strong reporting component. Heir to the Free Cinema, his work particularly affected the situation of the most disadvantaged classes in the United Kingdom, especially after the rise to power of Margaret Thatcher.

Son of an electrical engineer, he was a brilliant student who decided to enroll in law in the demanding University of Oxford after having performed two years of military service in the aviation of the British army. At twenty-five he first came into contact with the performing arts through the university’s theater group. Fascinated by the discovery, he decided to temporarily leave aside his potential career as a lawyer.

Ken Loach net worth

Ken Loach

After completing his studies, he made his directorial debut at the Northampton Repertory Theater, after some hesitant beginnings in the world of comedy. The cinema quickly gained its attention and, in 1963, after obtaining a scholarship granted by the radio and television channel British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), began to study realization.

His first productions, designed for television, were fictional dramas narrated in documentary form. In them he realized the vicissitudes suffered by individuals belonging to the working class of a country that always showed a marked social sensitivity. Carol White, the protagonist of the same, would work with the director in Poor Cow (1967), its first production for the cinema.

With the help of his friend Alan Thornett, in the late 1960s Loach became regular in the meetings organized by the Socialist Labor League (although he was not a member of the association), one of the active movements of the British left in the time. Although it was one of the platforms whose ideology marked more deeply the political future of the filmmaker, the growing personalization of the party in the figure of the ultraorthodox Gerry Healey led him to gradually dissociate himself from it. Loach recognized the sectarianism of the various organizations that articulated Trotskyism in the country, although he had always insisted that they were “the only place where one could acquire a political education.”

Between 1968 and 1990 almost all of Loach’s production was for television, with the exception of some isolated feature films (such as Kes, critically successful in Cannes in 1970). But the rise to power of Margaret Thatcher and the growing social upheaval favored by the ultraliberalism of its successive governments led the director to change media.

A committed cinema

In 1990 Loach premiered Riff Raff, a film with which it somehow reinvent itself despite maintaining the discourse of its nearly twenty previous productions. Cinema and Class Consciousness, Riff Raff claimed the direct style, of great narrative strength, which had become Italian neorealism through masters such as Luchino Visconti or Roberto Rossellini. Although Loach has always criticized the so-called socialist realism (he has recalled on many occasions that Trotsky postulated that the party should be kept out of the imposition of any artistic tendency), the truth is that his film is presented to the naked public of all artifice.

Usually the teams of filming of Loach mix professional and non professional actors, twinned by a common political vision about the conflict and the facts explained in the script. Riff Raff, who narrates the experiences of a group of construction workers, responded completely to this scheme.

The formula was repeated in 1993 with Raining Stones, for many his best film. The poignant story of the unemployed Irishman who gets into trouble with an illegal lender in order to buy his daughter’s communion dress struck the conscience of the European public, including that of the Cannes International Film Festival, which granted the film the Award of the Jury. Striking and not without humor, Loach’s cinema was claimed at the same time as a punishing tool of social denunciation and a distressing way of suffering in the darkness of a movie theater.

Net Worth of Ken Loach

The Net Worth of Ken Loach in 2017 is $250 Million.

In 1995, after Ladybird, Ladybird, Loach undertook what is probably his most ambitious film: Earth and freedom. Film coral set in the Spanish Civil War, Earth and freedom focuses on the experiences of a young English fighter from the International Brigades. Based in part on the work of George Orwell Tribute to Catalonia, but also in the compilation Red Barcelona: Dietary Revolution (July 1936 – January 1939), it was probably the most moving film ever devoted to conflict, and also the furthest from The usual topics in most of the numerous Spanish productions centered on him.

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