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Keanu Reeves Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Keanu Reeves Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. American film actor. A Chinese-Hawaiian father and a British mother, Keanu Reeves grew up in Toronto and moved to Los Angeles at age 16 to work as an actor. In fact, before, during his time in Canada, he had performed at the Theater Arts High School.

His first interpretations took place in series of television like Hanging. At age twenty-two he made his film debut: in Paul Lynch’s Flying (1986) and Peter Markle’s Forge of Champions (1986) films, he was given secondary and non-high-quality roles. He also participated as a secondary in Dangerous Friendships (1988), by Stephen Frears, a very successful film that at the time brought together a series of actors destined to achieve great prestige in the following years.

Keanu Reeves net worth

Keanu Reeves

Reeves becomes a young promise with his appearance in comedies such as Bill and Ted’s (1991) Bill and Ted’s Hewitt trip, although he has stated that he prefers the first part of this story, entitled Bill and Ted’s (1989) , Directed by Stephen Herek.

He rose to fame with his intervention in My Private Idaho (1991), the controversial Gus van Sant, a work considered by many as a true masterpiece of so-called independent film in the United States. From this moment his activity reached the recognition of the public and of the means of communication, to which contributed little his cultivated position in magazines and covers: Reeves has consolidated an image of introverted man, separated from the frivolous aspect of the world of the spectacle And reluctant to be pasture of the press.

In the early 1990s he was called by Francis Ford Coppola to work on Dracula (1992), a performance that did not leave Reeves very satisfied. He was also the protagonist of Little Buddha (1993), with a Bernardo Bertolucci very far from his committed and militant cinema of his first European period. Of this same year is its intervention in Much noise and few nuts (1993), a faithful adaptation of the comedy of Shakespeare in charge of Kenneth Branagh.

His career seems to consolidate in these years with Speed (1994), of Jan de Bont, a completely commercial film, but entertained and with an excellent reception of public. From that moment, when everything seemed to point to the consolidation of his career, the actor works in a series of titles of little prestige: A walk in the clouds (1995), Reaction in chain (1996) or The last time that me Suicide (1997) seemed to bury a hopeful professional activity.

From this situation came to take out his intervention in Pactar con el diablo (1997), directed by Taylor Hackford, with Al Pacino as a co-star. The film defrauded the hopes that were put in him, but its excellent performance served to Reeves to recover credit.

Its popularity reached the maximum quota with Matrix (1999), directed by brothers Wachowski, that was one of the successes of the year. In the film, Keanu Reeves embodies the role of a computer specialist who realizes that humanity is run by a series of evil computers. The setting is a nightmare, with clear influences from Ridley Scott’s science fiction film set. The film had its sequels in Matrix Reloaded (2002) and Matrix Revolutions (2003).

Net Worth of Keanu Reeves

The Net Worth of Keanu Reeves in 2017 is $370 Million.

The theater has also been part of his artistic work. It was a curious Hamlet that deprived him of taking part in Heat, the film that starred Al Pacino and Robert de Niro, with Michael Mann in the direction. However, he never regretted it. Among his passions is to shoot the risky scenes himself, without using double specialists. So much so that, in May 2004, he received the Taurus award in recognition of the merit demonstrated throughout his career to shoot much of the scenes with physical effort or moderate risk.

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