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Kate Winslet Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Kate Winslet Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. (Kate Elizabeth Winslet, Reading, Berkshire, 1975) British actress. Although he achieved an immense popularity as a protagonist with Leonardo DiCaprio of Titanic (1997), the supercharged production of James Cameron, the recognition of his interpretive abilities was later: after five Oscar nominations, in 2009 he received the prized statuette for his role In The Reader (2008).

Kate Winslet studied at the Redroofs School in Maidenhead, but the family tradition (her maternal grandparents and her uncle were also engaged in the theater) was the second of four children in the marriage of actors formed by Roger Winslet and Sally Bridges. Choose the interpretation and try their luck on the stage. After sporadic appearances in commercials and in various comedies of situation, the great opportunity arrived at the seventeen years, when Peter Jackson trusted in her to interpret to an adolescent obsessive in the film Celestial Creatures (1994). The film, based on a true story that had great repercussions in New Zealand in the 1950s, garnered the accolades of the specialized critics and entailed Peter Jackson’s foray into “serious” cinema.

Kate Winslet net worth

Kate Winslet

Despite the success of Heavenly Creatures, Winslet was actually introduced to the public a year later, when director Ang Lee offered to represent the sensitive Marianne Dashwood alongside the established actress Emma Thompson (in the role of Elinor, Wise sister) in Sense and Sensibility (1995), a solid adaptation of the classic Jane Austen that had a great success of public and critic. For this interpretation she won the Bafta and the Screen Actors Guild awards for best supporting actress, and was nominated for an Oscar for the first time.

A Sense and Sensibility followed in 1996 the romantic drama Jude, by Michael Winterbottom, and an excellent Hamlet directed by Kenneth Branagh, but it was his next interpretation that would give him international renown and would make it enter by the big door in the history of the cinema : In Titanic (1997), the blockbuster directed by James Cameron, the actress lived a passionate romance with Leonardo DiCaprio, with the historical sinking of RMS Titanic in 1912 as a backdrop. Titanic would become the highest grossing film in history and one of the most awarded: it won eleven Oscar (although the actress was again without the statuette) and four Golden Globes.


The success of the film and the repercussion and fame overflowed the protagonist herself, who in the following years decided to take a break and embark on independent and less commercial projects, such as the film by G. MacKinnon Hideous Kinky (1998), in the During which he met assistant director James Threapleton, his first husband and the father of his daughter Mia (2000). In that same line he intervened in Holy Smoke (1999, J. Campion) and Quills (2000, P. Kaufman).

The actress’s life took a turn in 2001, when she divorced Threapleton and became a partner of British film director Sam Mendes (the couple would be married in 2003, and would have a son, Joe, that same year). He then filmed two new films, Enigma (M. Apted) and Iris (R. Eyre), a film biography of the Irish novelist Iris Murdoch. For this film, in which Kate Winslet interpreted the writer’s youth and intense sexual and sentimental life (shared a character with a magnificent Judi Dench, who gave life to the elderly Murdoch cornered by Alzheimer’s) was an Oscar nominee for third time.

Later, after a temporary recess to take care of his second child, he resumed filming: he starred alongside Johnny Depp, Discovering Neverland (2004, M. Forster) and was the impulsive Clementine in Forget Me! (2004, M. Gondry), which won the Oscar for best screenplay and left the actress again at the gates of obtaining the precious statuette. They followed Secret Games (2006, T. Field), for whose paper accumulated nominations, and comedy The Holiday (2006, N. Meyers).

The second great moment for this British performer was yet to come, and would do so with two titles released in 2008. The first was Revolutionary Road, in which, under the direction of her husband, Sam Mendes, she was reunited eleven years Later with his cinematographic partner in Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio, to incarnate to a wife whose marriage is cracked. The second, The Reader, was a German-American co-production directed by British director Stephen Daldry (author of Billy Elliot and Las horas) and based on Bernhard Schlink’s novel of the same name. Set in Nazi Germany, the film chronicles the torrid love story between a young man (David Kross / Ralph Fiennes) and a mature woman (Hanna Schmitz / Kate Winslet).

Net Worth of Kate Winslet .

The Net Worth of Kate Winslet in 2017 is $ 95 Million.

Both roles reported, in the same issue, two Golden Globes for best actress in drama and best supporting actress, respectively. By The Reader also obtained, finally, its first Oscar. At the awards ceremony, the actress, visibly excited, began her speech with an emotional phrase: “You have to forgive me, I’m not used to winning,” he said referring to his successive nominations without reward. Her interpretation in The Reader deserved in addition the Bafta and the Prize of the Union of Actors to the best actress of distribution: thus entered in the select olimpo of the actresses who gained the four maximum accolades of the interpretation. And in December 2009, as a culmination to a year of success, the European Film Academy awarded the prize to the best actress or, what is the same, the European “Oscar”.

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