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Justin Gatlin Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Justin Gatlin Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. American athlete specializing in short distances (100 and 200 meters smooth), one of the most recent sprinters. Olympic champion in Athens 2004, at the 2005 World Athletics Championships held in Helsinki, won the gold medal in the 100 meters smooth, the most emblematic distance of athletics, and also the gold medal in the 200 meters, a double History in a World Cup.

Justin Gatlin was born on February 10, 1982 in Brooklyn, New York, a city not conducive to “engender” sprinters. With his 1.85 m height and 79 kg weight, Gatlin would recover the image of lean and light sprinter that imposed his idol Carl Lewis and that broke the resented Ben Johnson or the fighter Maurice Greene.

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Justin Gatlin net worth

Justin Gatlin

Justin Gatlin

The son of Willie Gatlin, a high school teacher, and Jeanette Gatlin, who runs a women’s accessory store, has two sisters, Terru and Nikki, and a brother, Bobby, who has also done his bit in athletics. When Justin was eight, the family moved to Pensacola, where Woodham HS attended high school. There he already took athletics seriously and was champion of the 100 m smooth and 110 m hurdles. In addition, practiced the long jump with good marks.

He began his outbreak by putting himself in the hands of agent Renaldo Nehemiah, of the Nike Club, which belongs to Tennessee, whose university was a champion of 100 m and 200 m, something that no university achieved since 1957. After two years in this university, Where he got five titles, was placed under the orders of the prestigious technician Trevor Graham, former forger of Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery, and with whom he went to train in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he would fix his residence and in whose university, the St Augustine University, would continue his engineering studies to please his mother.

In May of 2002 its trajectory underwent a abrupt halt to being suspended during a year by doping with amphetamines, that took by prescription doctor to correct its lack of concentration. But before the start of the summer campaign, in July of that year, the IAAF rehabilitated him, because the Aderell, the drug they had been prescribed, was not banned by the IAAF In the university circuit.

In 2003 already warned of its potential. He first defeated Greene in the 60-meter final at the Verizon Millrose Games, in which he was third and Gatlin second. Shortly, he won the same test at the World Indoor Indoor Championships in Birmingham. In that season he won a prize of 500,000 dollars as winner of the 100 m in a test organized in Moscow.

Gatlin would confirm expectations at the Olympic event the following year. At the Olympic Games in Athens he did not enter the favorite pools, but won the gold medal with authority in the 100 m with a time of 9.85 s, his best personal mark, which exceeded the other two athletes Who accompanied him on the podium: the nationalized Nigerian Francis Obikwelu and Greene.

Later, the “tapado”, as the press called it, obtained the bronze medal in the 200 ms, distance in which in 2005 it had a personal personal mark of 19.86 s, obtained in 2002. In the Greek capital also gained A silver medal in the reliefs 4 x 100 m. In addition, he is a good rider of the 110 m hurdles, in which he has a good time (13.78 s), achieved in 2001.

Thanks to these successes, on December 3, he was awarded the most prestigious American sports award: the Jesse Owens Trophy for the best athlete of the year, voted by the most recognized specialized athletics media. Among others, they have won champions like Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses or Florence Griffith, to cite to the closest ones in the time.

At the World Championship in Helsinki he confirmed his dominance, with the question posed by the absence of world record holder Asafa Powell, injured in the right abductor since 22 June. In the final of the 100 m Gatlin overcame its rivals. With a mark of 9.88 s, due perhaps to the adverse climatology, it surpassed in 17 hundredths to its immediate follower, which was the greater advantage in the history of the World-wide ones. The runner-up was the Jamaican, debutant, Michael Frater, who did not even manage to lose 10 seconds (10.05 seconds). With this title, Gatlin was succeeding St. Kitts-Nevis sprinter Kim Collins, the winner in Paris ’03 with a modest mark of 10.07 s. Gatlin thus recovered for the United States the world scepter that Greene had obtained in the three previous appointments: Athens ’97, Sevilla ’99 and Edmonton ’01.

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net worth of Justin Gatlin

Justin Gatlin

Gatlin has an advantage over all the great sprinters: he is the one who loses less speed at the end of the race; The others, starting at 60 m (when the human body reaches its maximum tension), begin a slight deceleration. But Powell’s ghost was present, even though experts thought Gatlin had won, as Powell got his record in Athens, with temperatures of 15 ° C and without the cold and humidity of Helsinki. In addition, in the Finnish capital, Gatlin competed unrivaled, which undoubtedly detracted from the ability to react that it shows when someone approaches.

The United States overcame Gatlin because the country desperately needed the title in the 100m to bury the recent doping scandals that threatened to ruin its prestige as the world’s leading power in the category of those involved (Marion Jones or Montgomery). Athletics, and in particular in the test queen.

On August 11, faced with the incredulity of some experts, he confirmed his sprinter’s dominance by also getting the gold medal in the 200 m, with a mark of 20.04 s, with the particularity that the two companions of the New Yorker in the Podium were also Americans, a triplet that the most lauded country in the world had only achieved in three other world events. That the United States had recovered the scepter of speed was also confirmed by the unusual fact that the fourth classified in 200 m was also from that country: Tyson Gay, who came after Wallace Spearmon and John Capel (defender of the title). Together with Gatlin, they formed a quartet worthy of being featured in the annals of athletics.

Net Worth of Justin Gatlin

The Net Worth of Justin Gatlin in 2017 is $2 Million.

Full NameJustin Gatlin
Net Worth$2 Million
ProfessionTrack and Field Athlete
Annual Income$0.3 Million

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Gatlin is an elegant sprinter, with no big clashes or bizarre gestures like his idols Greene, Johnson or the “cheetah” Shawn Crawford, whom the disciple has overcome. After his successes in Helsinki, he still had an outstanding subject: to defeat Powell and to surpass its world-wide mark. Nothing easy, especially the last. But that magnificent “racing animal,” as his coach calls it, is naturally optimistic: “I aspire to be the fastest athlete in history, because I am sure that I will establish a new and unbeatable world record.” It should be remembered that, in a century, the 100 m smooth have only scratched one second at the limits of human speed.

In Helsinki, a new generation of athletes who had already made their mark at the Olympic Games in Athens and at the World Championships held in Paris in 2003: Rashid Ramzi, a twenty-five-year-old Moroccan with a Bahrayn passport, who won the 800m The 1,500 m, becoming the first athlete in obtaining it (although in feminine category already had obtained the British Kelly Holmes in Athens 2005); Yelena Isinbayeva, a Russian who at twenty-three dominated the pole vault at her whim; KenenisaBekele, the twenty-three-year-old Ethiopian king of the fund, or Gatlin’s great rival, Jamaican Asafa Powell, who could not compete in the Finnish capital for an injury but had the new world record for the hectometer with a mark of 9 , 77 s, achieved on June 14, 2005 in a test in the Greek capital.

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