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Jurgen Prochnow Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Jurgen Prochnow Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Jürgen Prochnow born of Berlin on June 10, 1941. Jurgen is a German actor. He became known internationally for his role as captain of the German submarine Wolfgang Petersen’s Das Boot in 1981, and as Duke Leto Atreides in Dune in 1984 by David Lynch..
Prochnow was born in Berlin although raised in Düsseldorf. His father was an engineer and has an older brother named Dieter. Prochnow married in 1970 and had a daughter, Johanna who died in 1987. In 1982 he married Isabel Goslar with whom he had two children. In 1997 they divorced. He currently lives between Los Angeles and Munich.

Jurgen Prochnow total worth

Jurgen Prochnow

Net Worth of Jurgen Prochnow

Jurgen Prochnow’s net worth is almost $80 million.

Full NameJurgen Prochnow
Net Worth$80 million Estimated
NationalGerman Born American

He studied acting at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen. He has become one of the most successful German actors in Hollywood. Among his most successful films are Beverly Hills Cop II, the Oscar-winning English Patient, Air Force One and the mega-hit, The Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks.In 2008 he participated in a Spanish production, La conjura de El Escorial, with Julia Ormond and Jordi Mollá, among others. He represented Arnold Schwarzenegger in a movie about the actor’s political career in California. Interestingly.

Prochnow had been one of the actors considered for the leading role in Terminator, which eventually fell to Schwarzenegger.

He also played a supporting character in the movie Wing Commander. As a voice actor, Sylvester Stallone sang the German version of Rocky and Rocky II. All of his roles in different movies increased the total worth and income. During the filming of Dune he suffered an accident due to the explosion of a lamp that left scars on his face.

It must be fair to say that before the film Das Boot and its international stage, Prochnow was already known in Germany with works precisely with the director Wolfgang Petersen, as in Einer von uns beiden of 1974, where he played the student Bernd Ziegenhals, Or in the sequel -Die Konsequenz- of 1977. Undoubtedly Junger Prochnow is a complete actor, and “favorite son” of Wolfgang Petersen.

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