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Junior dos Santos Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Junior Dos Santos was born on September 12, 1988, in a small village of Brazil named as Santa Catarina. Junior dos Santos Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. He belonged to a low-income family, but his mother always helped him chasing his dreams. His hard work paid off when he became UFC heavyweight champion and Brazilian professional MMA.

Junior dos Santos Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Junior dos Santos Net Worth

Junior dos Santos

He was married to Vilsana Picolli, but later on, they had divorced because of personal matters. However, other than this part of his life, He is overall a successful man. He achieved his life goals by his will power, and it wouldn’t be wrong if we call him a man with ambitions and hawk eye.

Before starting his career, he worked in a restaurant at the age of nine just to keep his family alive. Santos started learning Brazilian Jit-Jitsu and worked extremely hard. His teacher Yuri Carlton suggested him playing MMA after saw his dedication towards the game and something God gifted in him. After few months of training and playing with obstacles he started winning tournaments at Salvador. He started pursuing boxing medals after success in MMA.

The golden era started for junior das Santos when he was welcomed into professional fight club the UFC.  He won straight six matches against the tough components, but his winning streak came to an end when he faced Joaquim Ferreira. Overall, his UFC career was outstanding which includes the famous win against Fabricio Werdum, the top contender at that time. He played 16 matches of UFC, and out of 16, he won 15 of them where 11 matches are won by knockouts and rest of them by submissions and decisions.

Junior das Santos Net Worth

The net worth of Das Santos is 10 Million dollars. The sources of income are sports, boxing, MMA, and UFC.

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