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Juan Roig Net Worth Income Profile and Assets

Juan Roig Net Worth Income Profile salary and Assets. Spanish businessman. Juan Roig Alfonso was born on October 8, 1949 in Valencia, in an enterprising family that would form six brothers, whose father ran the company Cárnicas Roig, located in the Valencian town of Pobla de Farnals, where, from a very young age, Juan He became familiar with the intricacies of a business primarily aimed at food. And is that, in 1977, his parents Francisco and Trinidad decided to transform their butcher shops into overseas stores, which meant the birth of Mercadona.

The experience gained in the family business and his willingness to start a business encouraged him, when he had already graduated in economics from the University of Valencia, to acquire Mercadona to his father. The operation also involved his wife Hortensia and his brothers Fernando, Trinidad and Amparo, but it was Juan Roig who took over the management of the company. At this moment, Mercadona began its independent activity with eight stores of approximately 300 square meters.

net worth of Juan Roig Alfonso

Juan Roig Alfonso

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His brother Fernando would also launch another commercial adventure that led him to become president of the tiles Pamesa, which sponsors the Valencian basketball team of the same name that participates in the ACB League. In addition, Fernando is the current president of Villareal F.C.

In 1990, Juan Roig and his wife Hortensia Herrero began to hold the majority of the capital of the company and to continue on that road that, in only two decades, with its particular business philosophy, whose maximum is to invest the benefits in the expansion and expansion of The company, turned Mercadona into a must in the distribution sector in Spain.

Currently, Mercadona is a supermarket company with Spanish and family capital whose objective is to fully satisfy all the needs of food, household cleaning and hygiene of its customers. And, in addition to fresh and dry food, Mercadona also offers its customers products of drugstore, perfumery and pet food. These five parcels of business are integrated in a business model of neighborhood that prevails proximity and direct contact with their “Bosses” (term used by Mercadona to refer to its customers).

During 1993, Juan Roig launched the premise in Mercadona that would permeate his entire business philosophy: the Total Quality Model, which was based on a basic objective: the satisfaction of the five components of the company, which are “The Boss”, the Worker, the Provider, the Society and the Capital. Thus, attention to “The Boss” (customer) is considered paramount. This exquisite attention to the buyer is not only an excellent information service and careful and solicitous cashier, but also the enviable relationship between the price and the quality of the products of the chain, based on the so-called SPB strategy (always prices low).

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net worth of Juan Roig Alfonso

The second focus of Mercadona was the company’s employees, who in 1999 reached a historic milestone in the sector by having the entire workforce (at that time 16,800 workers) with an indefinite contract. Currently, the more than 61,000 Mercadona workers have a fixed contract.

This consideration to the worker was complemented by other aspects of the labor contract, such as the participation of company profits, permanent training, full salary during work discharges and the possibility of working near the home, “advantages” that help to reconcile life Labor and family and that turn the Mercadona staff into a group satisfied and committed to the business objectives. In addition, the salaries of employees exceed the national average of the sector.

The Total Quality Model also focuses on special attention to suppliers, following the motto “quality does not have to be more expensive” and the implementation of a policy of long-term agreements, either directly or through more than one hundred Interproviders that produce for the chain, whose logistics functions as a clock through the platforms that the company has in Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Alicante, Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

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Equally important is the satisfaction of the Society in which Mercadona is integrated. To this end, with its shops it contributes to modernize the urban commerce of the neighborhoods in which it is present, as it contributes the commercial dynamism of the millions of families that daily put their trust in Mercadona. Finally, Mercadona also emphasizes the satisfaction of Capital. Juan Roig puts this goal in fifth place because he understands that the best way to evolve, grow and get good economic results is through first satisfying “The Boss”, The Worker, The Provider and The Society.

The fulfillment of these objectives and their commitment to innovation have led the company to enjoy a cumulative increase in productivity that has reached 20%. In addition, the investment effort has allowed Juan Roig to open new stores all over Spain. In 2006 it opened 90 establishments, and another 100 in 2007, which reached the figure of 1,137 supermarkets at the end of this last year.

In 2007, 3.7 million Spanish households made the purchase in Mercadona and the objective at the end of the year was to make an investment of 600 million euros, which would be allocated mainly to the opening of 100 new stores, Of 40 supermarkets more, to the completion of the logistic block of Ciempozuelos (in Madrid) and to the construction of another block in León.

The company’s international leap is scheduled for 2010, although there are still no clues as to which country will be chosen to export Mercadona and its business model. According to Roig: “We continue to study the international market and we know more about it, although today we have not found anything that fits the project. Our horizon to make the leap abroad is in 2010, and for this we have a CEO who is responsible for developing the project. ”

Finally, Roig will continue to bet on its so-called “recommended products”, which differ from white brands because they prevail over quality and because they specify the manufacturer’s name (which has to be a leader in their sector). Specifically, 35% of the more than 9,000 references correspond to the marks Hacendado (food), Bosque Verde (drugstore), Deliplus (perfumery) and Compy (pet food), all exclusive to Mercadona. In its plans, it also comes to market the medium-term packaged fish, betting that it will not start in all the shops of the Peninsula until the acceptance tests that are being carried out in some supermarkets have been completed.

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Net Worth of Juan Roig Alfonso

The Net Worth of Juan Roig Alfonso in 2017 is $6 Billion.

Full NameJuan Roig Alfonso
Net Worth$6 Billion
Annual Income$50 Million

Juan Roig has held, among other positions, President of Honor of the Spanish Association of Commercial Coding (Aecoc), President of the Institute of Family Business (IEF) and Vice President of the Spanish Association of Self-Service and Supermarkets (ASEDAS). He is currently Vice-President of the School of Entrepreneurs (EDEM) and holds the High Distinction of the Generalitat Valenciana in recognition of its entrepreneurial nature. In June 2007 he was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, becoming the first entrepreneur to obtain this recognition of this university community.

Juan Roig likes direct contact with his workers, and takes advantage of trips to meet in the minibus in which he travels to visit his supermarkets and where he does the work meetings. Juan Roig is married and has four daughters. On the future of the company, the Spanish businessman comments: “My daughters have the same opportunities as the 61,000 Mercadona employees to run the company, since the property is inherited, but the job is not.”

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