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John Cena Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

John Cena Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Most of Cena fans want to know how much John Cena is earning a day. John Cena is one of the biggest WWE super stars. Here we shared other WWE super stars net worth John Cena is a top-rated American wrestler, and this is not his only profession, he is also a successful rapper, a body builder, an actor and a showbiz professional. He came on screen first time in the year 2000 when he came up in his first wrestling match and eventually got really famous. His worthy talent in his field of wrestling has blessed his name and fame with endless riches. He is a wonderful wrestler who after entering this dynasty in 2004 as a youngster is still competing hard in this race. He holds a grand fan following that also pushes him to consider the option to try for Hollywood, but it did not go well up to the plan, still John Cena got a handsome net worth.

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History won’t repeat itself. I make History
– John Cena!


 Net Worth of John Cena

john cena net total worth

John Cena | WWE super star


Full NameJohn Felix Anthony Cena Jr
Net Worth$35 million
Annual Income/salaryUSD 9,500,000.00
MonthlyUSD 791,666.00
WeeklyUSD 182,692.00
Estimated Daily USD 26,027.00

Currently, John Cena is the on the #1 in the list of highest paid WWE wrestlers. According to the reporting of the Forbes, he is taking the salary about $9.5 Million a year. Last year in 2015 he earned about $10 Million. This is what he gets from the WWE wrestling, he also makes his most out of acting. He has appeared in many movies since his career which added much dollars in his total worth. He is with WWE since the year 2001 and also a 2013 WWE champion. Anyhow, he is the no 1 and also have a strong fan base. John Cena is one of the highest paid and the strongest wrestler in WWE. John Cena’s annual net worth is 12 million US dollars. His income comes from the professions like films, wrestling, singing product endorsements, and rapping. His annual salary is $9.5 million with a 7% bonus on sales of some merchandise. He also has some PPV revenue share percentage profit, which is a way more than his own salary. He has finally displayed his complete potentiality opt to have a better future ahead, he has become third ranking highest salaried wrestler across the globe. As, John Cena owns a net worth of $35 million which is achieved from few of the charity, endorsement, and wrestling events. He is always considered favorite, and appealing is a sense of attracting a huge traffic, his expertise including the wrestle mania, the 12 rounds, the merchandise flies, and the marine, etc. has been a matter of interest for both his fans as well as media. He is also paid a monthly sum limit of $1,743,000(USD). It is not only restricted to the sum he gets, but John also enjoys business class flight tickets, luxury issues like hotel accommodation, and ground transportation allowances every week. This is just a small part of endless bonuses John enjoy due to his career!

However, still, he is one of the popular choice wrestlers among any WWE fan. Let us check superstar John Cena’s total  income worth, his total assets, and the house he is living in until the year 2017.

net total worth of john cena

John Cena | Awesome Wrestler

Facts about John Cena

He won 10 world titles successively and WWE US Championship three times.

He won 19 championships and 12 world titles in wrestling.

He is a graduate holding an exercise physiology degree.

His album You Can’t See Me debuted on the US Billboard 200 chart at the #15 spot.

John Cena Quick Biography

Total Net Worth$35 million
Date of birthApril 23, 1977
OriginWest Newbury, Massachusetts, United States
Favorite brandSubway
Age 39
Height 6.1 feet tall
Weight 114 kg

John Cena was born in 1977, on  April 23, in West Newbury town of Massachusetts state, US. He is the son of John Cena, Senior, and Carol. He stands second oldest in a total of five brothers; the other four brothers are Matt, Dan, Sean, and Steve. His maternal grandfather was a famous baseball player namely Tony Lupien. His father is an Italian, and his mother is French Canadian and English ancestry. He went to Central Catholic High School of  Lawrence city in Massachusetts state. He was then transferred to Cushing Academy that was private prep boarding school. After he had got graduated from Cushing Academy, He went to Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.

In college he was a player in college football team, wearing the shirt number 54, which he still use sometimes on some of his WWE merchandise. He got graduated from Springfield in 1998, with a degree in exercise physiology.  He then started his career in bodybuilding and also worked as a limousine company driver.


Words About John Cena Multi Talent

A Wrestler, an actor, a singer, a musician, a rapper and a body builder John Cena literally makes a lot of money and wealth from his side professions. He makes million dollars deal with the wrestling association aside from singing in films and other assignments in different movies. He has played roles in many hit movies including the 12 Rounds, Marine, and Legendary. He has made millions of dollars from many movies, wrestling matches and singing career. As a rapper and a singer, he is also has a quite pleasing career. He has very successfully endorsed products like Yj stinger, golds gym and Gillette and food giant Subway. The television reality shows get him very good income.

Filming Career of John Cena

john cena net worth 2016

the celebrity net worth

John Cena is a successful leading actor. He played main roles in three different films including the 2011 action film The Reunion as the character Sam Carey, the 2009 action movie 12 Rounds playing Danny Fisher and the 2006 action release The Marine cast as John Triton. The 2006 action film The Marine has proved to be his most epic project to date, which brought in $19,000,000 at the box office. John got moderate attention from media, got featured on the cover of more than seven magazines, featured in five fantastic magazine articles, and interviewed in one of the enormous publications.

Wrestling Career Of John Cena

The turning point came in early 2000, during a casual conversation John Cena had with a wrestler at Gold’s who encouraged the gym employee to take classes at Ultimate Pro Wrestling. For John Cena, the idea of making a go of it as a wrestler wasn’t an entirely outlandish idea. His father, John, Sr. Earned a living as a businessman and a wrestling announcer. During his childhood growing up in suburban Massachusetts, the younger John Cena spent many hours glued to the television set as he used to watch his wrestling legends such as Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and, and Ultimate Warrior in the ring. As a wrestler himself, John Cena’s ascension was rapid. Calling himself The Prototype, the ambitious John Cena got the UPW title in the year 2000 on April 27, in San Diego, California. Over the course of the next year, John Cena drew the attention of WWE executives, and in 2001 the young entertainer signed a developmental contract with the company to work for Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW).

During his initial years in WWE, John Cena depicted an entirely different character as he appears now. He appeared as a white rapper wearing white jerseys, backward hats, and also a chain with a pendant around his neck, it was known as the Doctor of Thuganomics. John Cena often used underhanded strategies to score his victories, this including using his chain as a weapon overruling referee’s consent. John Cena sometimes also rapped before his matches, in which he mostly insulted his opponents, criticizing the media events, and even the crowd sometimes. He also performed rap battles regularly, in which he and his opponent had to rap on each other on turns. Shortly after his first debut film in 2005, The Marine, he shifted his personality from a white rapper to a young private. John Cena has been depicted as a babyface character for most of his WWE career. Jean shorts, sneakers, and wrist and armbands are included as John Cena’s signature gear. John Cena also wears different types of T-shirts and baseball caps which mostly include one of his catchy motivational words like never give up, you can’t see me and also, hustle, loyalty, respect!

John Cena’s Houses

John Cena has luxury houses at a separate part of the world. John Cena’s house is also calculated in his assets and net worth. His home in Florida is an exemplary thing in interior decoration and architecture. John Cena has a very rich taste in the decoration of his home. He has shown up at many television shows to express his views on the interior decoration of his houses. The houses have multi-level high technology gymnasium and every other modern amenity. The pro wrestling superstar’s waterfront home is situated in private, Nature’s Reserve’s gate protected the community in Land O Lakes Incorporation, Florida. The house has a swimming pool and a boat dock. 

John Cena’s Love For Cars

john cena cars worth

John Cena | Car

His net worth is proved by the assets he possesses like cars. Although he has a fleet of vehicles that includes Mercedes-Benz, Honda, and BMW. He also has a great admiration for his limousine. He is seen driving around in this most of the time in his city. With his craze for cars like Plymouth road runner and 1969 COPO Camaro. John Cena mostly uses his Classic Ford Mustang sports car for one of Cena’s Wrestle Mania Matches. John’s Black Orange Edition is one of the coolest and awesome edition among Fords cars. With his millions like to go crazy to cars purchase. His garage remains sealed with his 20 other cars that can be taken as a pride show for John Cena, also its comfortable and luxurious driving option. Spending his easily earned millions, he has bought a fantastic vintage car that appears to be his present love a 1971 AMC Hornet SC/360. Besides vintage car, he also has other 20 different custom and muscle cars with him such as:

  • 2007 Dodge Charger srt-8 Super Bee,
  • 2007 Saleen Parnelli Jones of Ford Mustang,
  • 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator,
  • 1971 Plymouth Road Runner,
  • 2006 Ford GT,
  • 1970 Plymouth Superbird
  • 1969 Copo Camaro
  • Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350
  • 1970 Buick Gsxs
  • 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge
  • 1969 AMC AMX
  • 1969 Dodge Daytona
  • 2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1

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