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Jennifer Capriati Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Jennifer Capriati Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. (New York, 1976) American tennis player. Jennifer Marie Cate of Florida. She grew up in a well-to-do family consisting of Stefano Capriati, a multimillionaire of Italian descent, his wife Denise, whom she divorced in 1995, and Jennifer’s only brother, Steve, the eldest son.priati was born on March 29, 1976 in New York, but would later reside in the town of Wesley Chapel, in the sta

She was trained as a child by her father and coach Karen Burnett, who since 2000 shared the roles with Jennifer’s brother, who became the main support for her in times of crisis and ostracism.

At the age of thirteen she had no rival in the lower ranks, so on March 5, 1990, at thirteen years and eleven months, she made her pro debut at Boca Raton, where she defeated world number ten Helena Sukova, and reached the final, which lost to a very young Monica Seles.

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Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati

That year already gave the bell reaching the semifinals of Roland Garros, only fourteen years and two months, and Wimbledon. She also won his first professional title: the Tournament of Puerto Rico. It finished the season perching in the world top ten, with fourteen years and 235 days, new historical record.

In 1991, after obtaining an advertising contract of five million dollars, it confirmed its upward trajectory with the achievement of three titles. In 1992, barely sixteen, she jumped to the front pages of the media as an individual champion at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​where in the final defeated the already high Steffi Graf. That year marked a new precocious record by getting a million dollars in profits, at sixteen years and three months.

In 1993 began their youthful dreams with nightclubs to the limit, reason why it only gained a match, the one of Sydney, although of great relevance in the circuit. Thus, at the age of seventeen, between 1993 and 1995, she suffered a veritable personal ordeal: in early December 1993, she was arrested in Tampa, accused of taking two rare-value rings from a jewelry store, an act for which she was only fined. The police photo that accompanied that incident showed a Jenny, as she is known among his intimates, swollen and empty expression.

Then she completely abandoned tennis and continued her unbridled life as a rebellious multimillionaire, until in January 1994 she was admitted to a psychiatric clinic, where she tried in vain to regain her affective balance. Back in the street, she did not leave her dangerous friendships, and in May of that same year she was arrested for possession of marijuana and cocaine in a hotel in Coral Gables, reason why she was hospitalized during twenty three days in the rehabilitation center Mount Sinai, Miami.

So, as a child prodigy and “girlfriend of the United States,” who saw in her the successor of the great Chris Evert, she became totally disengaged from tennis (she said she could not bear the constant pressure of her father). At bottom, according to psychologists, the “poor rich girl” rebelled against the system of life that had been imposed on her and tried to recover in a wrong way the adolescence that had robbed her of her absolute dedication to tennis, to orders, and never better Said, of an ambitious father, with whom nevertheless went to live when in 1995 this one divorced of its mother.

In 1996, Jenny’s mother joined the support group in an absolute and decisive way, and little by little she got the girl, who at one point confessed that she was about to commit suicide, regain her self-esteem. In January of that year, psychologists and coaches felt she was ready to return to the tracks. She did it again from the hand of a chastened father, but with the supervision of his neighbor and friend Harold Solomon, former tennis player who had been a figure of the beaten earth.

That season of 1996 and the next two served to retake the pulse to the circuit and to observe the form of play of the emergent figures, whose style of game had little to do with which she had practiced. If Seles was able to return, so could she.

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Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati

Although in those first two seasons she did not get any title – she went beyond the top 100 in the ranking – little by little she was recovering his physical form and his rhythm of game, forging also in the gym a physical constitution of great musculature and power , Copied without doubt of the model that began to impose the sisters Venus and Serena Williams, that in the end would become its main rivals, next to the Swiss Martina Hingis.

In 1999 she showed signs of his recovery being awarded the tournaments of Strasbourg and Quebec and reaching the second round of the Australian Open and Wimbledon and the fourth of Roland Garros. In the United States Open surprised at the press conference after being eliminated in the round of 16 by Seles: she read a letter in which she apologized to everyone, especially the young, for his turbulent past. These results allowed him to finish the season between the first 25 of the world, the twenty third, concretely. In 2000 marked a point of inflection after reaching the end of the Open of Australia.

In 2001 she surprised his own and strangers by winning his first two Grand Slam tournaments: the Australian Open, where she eliminated renowned players like Monica Seles, Lindsay Davenport and Martina Hingis, then number one, and Roland Garros, where Unseated Belgian Klim Clijsters by a tight 1-6, 6-4 and 12-10, in which it was the longest set in the history of the Parisian tournament. It was, in addition, semifinalist of the other two great ones: Wimbledon and Open of the United States. To these successes, she added his absolute triumph in the Tournament of Charleston.

On October 15, 2001, for the first time, it reached the number one position in the WTA ranking, but in an ephemeral form, becoming the ninth woman to achieve this since the system was implemented in the 1975 season. In addition, the prestigious Sports Illustred voted her the best sportsman of the year along with cyclist Lance Armstrong, winner of her third consecutive Tour.

For her part, the Efe agency went further and named her the best absolute sportswoman of 2001. “I am very proud to have been able to return after everything that has happened in my life, to enjoy again with tennis and play good. I think this proves that anyone can rectify and that it is never too late to achieve your dreams, “he said in the presentation of the first of those awards.

At the end of that year, and in another order, she regained his sentimental independence after breaking with the Belgian tennis player Xavier Malisse, with whom she had maintained a relationship that lasted only a year and a half.

On January 29, 2002, after clinching his second consecutive title at the Australian Open against Hingis, she regained the world number one position, overtaking his compatriot Davenport and, above all, his eternal rival, Martina Hingis , Although later would be surpassed by Venus Williams, winner of Dubai Open.

Net Worth of Jennifer Capriati

The Net Worth of Jennifer Capriati in 2017 is $3 Million.

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Full Name Jennifer Capriati

Net Worth$3 Million
ProfessionTennis player
Annual Income$0.4 Million

His great dream, while cultivating again his love of reading Anglo-Saxon literature and music, was not to permanently hang the racket until she had achieved the four Grand Slam titles in a single year, thereby inscribing his name in the Exclusive gallery of the legendary Maureen Connolly (1953), Margaret Smith Court (1970) and Steffi Graf (1988).

Talking about Jennifer Capriati without mentioning her past would not make sense. Jennifer’s past, after an adolescence and early youth marked by an anarchic lifestyle, is the triumph of willpower, the incarnation of the myth with feet of clay that collapses unable to digest its status but that resurges again for Recover its image strongly and, at the same time, with the solidity of those who have learned to learn from their mistakes.

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