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Isaias Afewerki Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Isaias Afewerki Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. (Asmara, 1946) Eritrean politician, named president of Eritrea in 1993, after obtaining the independence of Ethiopia. In 1966, one year after beginning studies at the University School of Addis Ababa, he joined the Liberation Front of Eritrea (FLE), a guerrilla that fought against the government of H. Selassie for the independence of the territory, annexed and converted four years earlier In the province of the Ethiopian empire.

After receiving military training in China in 1967, the following year he ascended to regional area head of the FLE and in 1970 he went on to command a combat unit.

Isaias Afewerki total worth

Isaias Afewerki

In 1977, coinciding with the seizure of power in Addis Ababa by Mengistu Haile Mariam, Afewerki participated in the founding of the Popular Liberation Front of Eritrea (FPLE), based on a split of the FLE with a Marxist tendency (paradoxically, the same ideology professed By Mengistu), and was appointed Deputy Secretary-General. In 1987 he became the supreme leader of the Front, who, along with other guerrillas, continued a struggle that no side was able to tilt in their favor.

Net Worth of Isaias Afewerki 

23 April 2009 (Eritrea Daily)– It is a bomb shell! Eritrea tyrant, Isaias Afewarki, got busted!

It has long been rumored that Eritrea tyrant, Isias afewarki, was stashing millions if not billions of US dollars in foreign banks. But no one knew for certain where exactly in the world the tyrant was hiding his money until yesterday when Asena.com , most popular Eritrean website, posted the originalcopy of Eritrea tyrant’s multi-million dollars foreign financial transactions in China and Hong Kong thereby exposing the myth and lies about the ‘poor president’.

The posted confirmation document also reveals that the transaction was very recent: February 24, 2009. The receipt shows that on this day, USD TwoHundredSeventySixMillionFou rHundred SixtyEight

ThousandTwoHundredandTwenty(US $276,468,220.07) was transferred from Industrial and Commertial Bank of China to FUBON BANK HONG KONG and was deposited to the benefit of Eritrea tyrant, Isayas Afewerki and his son, Abraham Afewerki.

View transaction receipt at: http://asena.delina.org/images/pfdjtransfer.p…

LONG LIVE TIGRAYAN ISAIAS keep killin Eritreans and taking their money !! u make Mengistu jealous ūüôā

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However, international circumstances would play in favor of the FPLE, and in February 1991 the Front launched its final onslaught. At the end of May he liberated the Eritrean cities of Asab and Asmara, the capital, thereby bringing the entire province under his control. This coincided with the collapse of the Mengistu regime and the entry into Addis Ababa (28 May) of the FDRPE, the main guerrilla force with which the FPL had effectively collaborated.

On 29 May Afewerki established a provisional government in Eritrea and proceeded with an administrative reorganization, with a view to rapid independence, the culmination of a national liberation struggle that had lasted for three decades. The government of Addis Abeba presided over by M. Zenawi, leader of the Tigre guerrilla, non-secessionist but sympathetic to the Eritrean aspirations, facilitated a separation without major tensions.

Independence was approved in a referendum on 23-25 April 1993 (with 95% of the votes), it was proclaimed on the following May 24 and Afewerki elected president by the National Assembly (constituted in February 1992) in June following. Despite promises to implement a multiparty system, the FLEAD delayed any compromise on the matter, and in February 1994 it was transformed into a Popular Front for Justice and Democracy (FPJD), which was already freed from communist ideology and virtually turned into The only legal party. In the economic field it has had to face the serious problems derived from an economy based on the subsistence agriculture, very dependent on the foreign assistance.

Afewerki maintained excellent relations with Ethiopia until 1997, but mutual accusations of support for the respective internal subversions, commercial disagreements and, above all, unresolved territorial disputes ended up leading to the open war between the two countries in June 1998, A hugely costly conflict in lives and resources that continued in 1999 with various phases of intensity and was considered absurd by the international community to play the role of two of the poorest nations on the planet who were friends until the day before.

Afewerki’s government, after some border skirmishes, broke off relations with Sudan in December 1994 and subsequently went on to actively support the guerrillas fighting the Khartoum Islamic-military regime. However, on 2 May 1999 Afewerki and his Sudanese counterpart Omar Hasan al-Bashir signed a reconciliation agreement in the capital of Qatar on which the common enmity with Ethiopia weighed. With Yemen a warlike confrontation took place in December of 1995 by the ownership of Great Hanish, strategic islet in the Strait of Bab al-Mandab, at the entrance to the Black Sea.

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