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IPL Players Paid Per Match – Indian Premier league Players Salary Per Match

IPL Players Paid Per MatchIPL Players Paid Per Match, Indian Premier league Players Salary Per Match. The ipl season is back with its 10th edition. Ipl is one of the most sought after leagues of the world. Every year the cricket fans and cricket players wait, for the season to begin, to witness some brilliant cricket season.

IPL Players Salary Per Match

The announcement of the teams and the players playing for the season are the most and awaited announcements for the cricket lovers. The bigger the players play, the more fame and the more viewership the season gets, hence more money for the organisers and people investing in the tournament.

The most motivating factor for any player in the season is the salary they are being paid for their participation in the tournament. The value ipl players paid per match, ipl players salary per match are a few factors, that determine the presence of any player in the tournament. If we look at the pay structure, or the salary paid to Ipl player per match, here is, what it’s all about.

Ipl issues lists of players, from which the team has to select the players. The list is divided into the categories of bowlers, wicketkeepers, batsmen, etc. Each player has an allocated base price from which auction begins. The contract agreement, according to which players are signed also can be divided into two categories. First one is known as the firm’s deal, in which players are paid a fixed amount, and the remaining amount has to be given to the BBCI board. In the second type of understanding, the gross salary can be taken by the player.

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According to the official list of 22 players, are paid up to $22000, and for other players, the minimum amount ranges up to $50,000. These salaries exclude the living, transport and other recreational expenses during the tournament. Bonuses are also paid to players, on every match win, which is 50% of the amount earned, excluding the championship performance bonuses awarded to individual players.

This salaries paid to the players vary greatly from player to player, the bigger cricketer, in terms of performance and fame, the higher he is paid, and the higher the amount is negotiated for the auction.

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Updated: April 14, 2017 — 3:10 pm

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