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IPL Entry Fee – Franchise or Team Registration in Indian Premier League

IPL Entry Fee


Can You afford IPL Participation?

Indian premier league the most earning and most profitable leagues in the world. As more years, are passing, the tournament and the earning ratio is getting bigger and better. More and more people are getting involved in this tournament to earn their part of the money.

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IPL Entry Fee

The first edition of Indian premiere league saw the purchase of 8 teams. The entry fees of these teams are reported to be as followed according to official figures.

Mumbai Indians and royal challenger Bangalore paid a hefty amount of 111 million a the IPL entry fees. Deccan charges paid 107 million, whereas Delhi daredevils paid an amount of 84 million as an entry fee. Kings Punjab and Kolkata knight rider paid up to 75 and 76 lakhs respectively to enter the tournament.

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Apart from this fees the governing body Of IPl, BCCI, charged a yearly amount of 10 percent of total franchise price. But that is the only expense and cost of the Ipl team owners. After the entry fees, it’s all good and profitable for the team owners.

A Huge percentage of revenue is earned by these owners through various sources. The major  revenue earning of the team comes from the sponsors of the tournament, then another huge chunk of the revenue comes from the broadcasters right. These too are equally distributed among franchise owners increasing their income. Last but not the least the individual sponsors of every team and the ticket proceeds of each  match also make up the amount of revenue, and are distributed to the team owners participating in the mighty tournament.

Thus it’s not so surprising as BCCI, is one of the riches boards of the world, and they do not have the only amount the tournament on such a big scale but also spend an enormous fortune in this tournament as a whole, making it a lucrative business for all.

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Updated: April 14, 2017 — 2:28 pm

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