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Indian Premier League Players IPL Coaches Commentators Salary

Indian Premier League Players IPL Coaches Commentators Salary

Indian Premier League Players IPL

Paid Heavily for Speaking, Coaching and Playing!

Indian Premier League Players IPL Coaches Commentators Salary, Ipl has turned to be one of the emerging leagues of the world. With players, commentators, franchises owners, everyone earning a lucrative amount of revenues.

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If we see the earnings of each of the participants of this tournament, we get to realise how profitable and money making tournament Ipl has become!

Taking a look at the earning of players in the tournament, it is one of the most potential earning tournament of the cricket leagues in the world. Their salaries range up to as much as 1.67 million dollars for the big league players. The players are paid 30 percent of the fees within 30 days of the auction, and other parts are paid in between and after the tournament. Not only are this but the player’s also paid bonuses and a percentage amount of match winning fee. Also, the performance money goes directly in the pocket of the players.

According to official figures, Ipl commentator’s salary range from 25 lakhs, to 35 lakhs per tournament. These salaries are the payment for commenting for the tournament, which is paid by the official broadcasters. The annual salary from the respective boards for commentators counts as a separate earning figure. The salary of commentators for Ipl largely depends on their career, credibility and reputation. The higher the league of the player, the higher he is paid.

Cricket coaches are also paid a hefty amount to be part of this mighty tournament. The salaries of head coaches are a little more than the other coaches. Their pay can reach amount to as much as 400,000 us dollars. The most expensive coach ever employed by an IPL team is Stephan Fleming – he was paid up to $350,000 thousand for his coaching services.

The Indian premier league players, coaches, commentator’s salary and the revenues of the tournament surely do signify the magnanimity of this event.

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