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Indian Premier League IPL Cheerleaders Salary

IPL Cheerleaders Salary

ipl cheerleaders salaryHIP HIP HOORAY !

When it’s about Indian premier league, the excitement is at its peak. The Indian premier league is one of the most prestigious associations for all the cricket lovers. The game, the commentators, the opening ceremony the players. Everyone is excited to take a look at the season’s action.

To make the tournament more exciting. Ipl has the most ravishing and energetic set of cheerleaders officially signed by companies like Airbnb, Dropbox and Pfizer. The companies look for top talent around the globe and arrange their arrival in the city for different seasons.

These cheerleaders are an important part of these matches, as they increase the glam factor, in the games. The importance they have, likewise they are paid. According to numerous media reports, it is indicated that these IPL cheerleaders salary is around 20 to 25 thousand Indian Rupees per match. Not only salaries but after matches, these cheerleaders are also awarded bonuses like players are awarded for performance. According to reports, if a team plays minimum 14 games, the cheerleaders are awarded 4 lakhs as a bonus amount.

The cheerleader is paid by the team owners. Their salary and arrangement of their arrival are also done by team management. By official statements, the highest paid cheerleaders belong to the team of KKR which is owned by an actor belonging to the famous Bollywood world. The team’s cheerleaders are paid 6000 to 12000 per match, with bonuses on win ranging up to 3000 rupees. Also, the cheerleaders are paid for special appearances which range up to 7000  rupees per appearance. The second highest paid cheerleaders are off the team Rcb. Their cheerleaders are paid 6000 per match, with bonuses reaching up to 3000. And appearances in parties and events for Rs 10000, to 15000.

The cheerleaders are selected on the basis of appearances, skills and countries. The more beautiful the cheerleaders, the better the glam in the game.

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Updated: April 14, 2017 — 2:51 pm

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