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IPL CEO Salary Net Worth Assets | Lalit Modi – Sunder Raman

IPL CEO Salary Net Worth Assets



When it’s about Ipl, there’s entertainment, fun and quality cricket but do you know about the money involved? Whether it’s the players,  whether it’s the umpires or it’s the team management. Everyone earns hety amount of revenues and profits.

If we look at the management side, the name of Lalit modi and sunder raman appear as the highlighted names in the history of IPL. After the much controversial era of chairmanship of Lalit modi, the burden of responsibilities for the tournament rested on Sunder Raman.

Sunder Raman after becoming the chief executive officer, becoming the brain behind the changing dynamics of this strong game.

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IPL CEO Earnings

According to unofficial media reports, in the reign Of Lalit modi , as the chairman of IPL, earned an enormous amount till up to 425 crores, as a stated income. The salary of CEO has never been officially stated but reports and critics suggest that even the CEO , under the chairman, also transferred hefty amounts as profits in his pocket. The ipl CEO salary, net worth assets are estimated up to as much as 125 crores.

As the CEO of IPL, and the sole brain being the lucrative tournament, the financial analysts, BCCI, and other governing bodies keep a strict scrutiny. Not only this but also, the franchises report are also strictly analysed to check for transparency and records.

However, it is unofficially reported that the CEO Sundar Raman has started to have a greater say in the  internal decisions and he can also impose his decisions, on the board, due to being the sole Boss of the strong tournament. Not only the boards, but the broadcasters, sponsors, and commentators have to obey the rules and regulations formulated by the CEO.

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No matter, who is the governing body and main players of this tournament, the primary purpose of the competition is to enhance and maintain the reputation of the tournament, live the spirit of cricket, and make a good amount of profits for all investors.

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Updated: April 13, 2017 — 6:03 pm

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