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IPL Auction Rules For Uncapped Players – Indian Premier League 2017


IPL Auction Rules For Uncapped Players – Indian Premier League 2017. Ipl is one of the most lucrative tournaments around the world. Whether big names of the world of cricket, or whether uncapped 1players. Every player wants to be part of this strong competition. However, there are some international and national rules and regulations, that need to be followed, in order to be followed to include players in this tournament and made part of Ipl franchise.

Here are some of the rules and regulations that need to be followed in order to auction uncapped players in IPl tournament.

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According to the definition of Ipl. Uncapped players are those who haven’t represented or played in international tournaments for last 10 years. The rules of BCCI state than at least 4 uncapped players should be made of every franchise team. Selected from their respective regions.

For the rule of the salary package, if the player has served domestically for 1 to 2 years, the minimum base price to be paid to him will be 10 lakhs. If the player has served for 2 to 5 years and was part of Ranji cricket tournament, he would be paid a minimum salary of 20 lakhs. And if the player has been serving domestically he has to be paid a minimum salary of worth 30 lakhs. Also as a legal contract requirement, a 3-way deal should happen while selecting an uncapped player. The three way agreement should include BCCI, domestic player and team franchise.

The ipl auction rules for uncapped players has made BCCI discover gems like Rashid Khan and Ben Stokes who have been roped for a hefty amount of 14.5 crores and 4 crores respectively, and hence it was a wise decision by the management who are thinking of a future long-term plan for the country, and a good spirit game of cricket.

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Updated: April 14, 2017 — 5:27 pm

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