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Narendra Modi Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Today The Celebrity Net Worth is posting an Article about, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Net Worth Income Profile and Salary 2017. How much rich is PM of India and all of his assets and wealth details, which includes his all earnings. Narendra Modi a very well-known name in Indian Politician and currently India’s Prime Minister. He’s 15th overall PM of India. He is the leader of BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) and also the reason behind winning of this party due to his aggressive approach and being religious and patriotic. Modi has served Gujarat as a Chief Minister for four consecutive years and admired for his work and economic policies as a Chief Minister of Gujarat. That was the reason he was elected for Parliamentary seat in party elections. Narendra Modi is not only famous politician of India but around the globe as well. He is the second most followed politician of the world after Barack Obama on social sites.

Narendra Modi net worth

Narendra Modi | PM Of India

Coming to his early life, He was born on September 17, 1950, Vadangar, Bombay. He belonged to a lower middle-class family, and he had to face economic problems from childhood. He started working and earning at the age of just five years. He has four siblings. Modi helped his father to sell tea at Vadnagar Railway station and brother at bus terminals. His mother worked in houses as a working lady to feed the children. There was nothing good in Modi’s early life except the thing that he got engaged to Rastriya Sawamsevak Sangh (RSS) when he was just 13 years old. Modi started taking an interest in politics because of RSS Political Interest. Modi was an average student, yet he completed his studies. The good thing about Modi’s school life is that, he loved to take part in debates and Dramas. He was fully packed with confidence. When he finished his Higher Secondary Education, He left his family and moved to Northern Areas, Himalayas. He started working for RSS, and roam in the Himalayas for campaigning RSS. With his political work, he also took admission in Gujrat University. He completed his Master’s degree in Political Sciences. During his University life, he had to struggle financially as well. He used to make tea and breakfast for the seniors in the University.

Coming to his Political Achievements, In 1985 he was assigned to Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) because of his serious campaigning for RSS. He was given the authority of organizing secretary of the party for Gujrat Unit in 1998. He focused on his duty given by the party, and after seven years he was shifted to New Dehli as BJP’s National Secretary.

Nothing worth having come easy, After his success in all the party positions he was nominated for the parliamentary seat in party elections and the most deserving one wins it.

In June 2013, His party won 282 seats out of 582, and he became the Prime Minister of World’s Biggest Democracy. Modi strengthened his country with economic growth. He also strengthened his defense policies. He started schemes for poor people such as Make in India, Digital India, and Digital literacy. He also started Health and sanitation schemes to make his country great again. Modi launched three social Security scheme and also focused on giving pensions to poor people.

Net Worth of Narendra Modi

Full NameNarendra Damodardas Modi
Net Worth1.41 Crore In Indian Rupee
Salary1.5 lacs INR per month
Annual Income20 lacs INR

Coming to his salary and Net Worth, Salary of Mr. Modi is 1.5 lacs per month and 19.5 lacs annual salary without any other perks. This salary makes him 12th highest paid leader in the world. The net worth of Modi is Rs 1.41 crore in Indian Rupee, which includes his assets as well. His net worth would be just a few lacs but thanks to his residential place which has risen to 1 crore amount in Indian rupee. Modi also is known as the simplest, but a powerful person of India, having no cars and aircraft.

He is married to Jashodaben Narendrabhai when he was just 18 years old. He kept his marital status confidential for a long, long time. When he won the parliamentary seat, then he acknowledged Jashodaben Narendrabhai as his wife. Modi was criticized for this act, and his degree was controversial too.

Beyond all his political career, he begins his day with yoga which refreshes his mind and body. He is a writer and author of several books. He enjoys writing poetry as well.

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