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Imran Khan Net Worth Assets And income Profile

Imran Khan Net Worth, as a cricketer turned politician of Pakistan, his monthly or annual salary and income profile is briefly discussed here. You can know about his total worth in this article.

Imran khan net worth

Imran Khan – the cricketer and Politician

Imran Khan PTI founder, as we all know him is a well known cricketer, a world cup winning captain for Pakistan, and a politician having a key role in Pakistani politics. He is a sensation and a celebrity in Pakistan. Wherever he go, a large crowd always gathers around him. Imran Khan Net Worth mostly comprise of his ancestral businesses, cricket commentary, talk shows, and some alleged off-shore companies he has made over the past few years. He was born on  5 October 1952. He was born in Lahore in the house of Ikram-ullah khan Niazi, so opportunities were at his doorstep, he just had to avail them. As in 2017, he is still as energetic as in 80s and 90s. His annual and monthly sources, total worth and income profile or salary before 2016 will be provided below.

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He went to oxford and graduated in politics, economics, and philosophy. His income profile and net worth are still ambiguous as some say he earn his living from his paternal and ancestral agricultural lands, other consider his income as secret funding from Zionist organizations, his ex wife and whatnot. He had a great cricketing background, his cousins Majid Khan, and Javed Burki were both top-notch cricketers.

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He married Jemima Goldsmith, from which he have two sons, Suleiman & Qasim. Imran Khan is an active politician right now and is known by his political organization PAKISTAN TEHREEK E INSAAF (PTI), the third largest political party in Pakistan. We shall overview his total worth and assume what he is earning. Imran Khan had a great track record in captaincy as under his leadership, Pakistan cricket team won 77 ODIs and lost 57 under the captaincy of Imran khan. His income profile is given as:


Full NameImran Khan

NET WORTH: $70 MILLION (as in 2015) still estimated more in 2017

YEARLY INCOME: $5 MILLION (unknown sources)


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