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Hugo Chavez Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Hugo Chavez Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Venezuelan military and politician who was president of Venezuela from 1999 until its death in 2013. The influence of this accused politician, often populist, transcended the borders of his country by propitiating him. (Hugo Chávez Frías, Sabaneta de Barinas, 1954 – Caracas, The emergence in Latin America of a new batch of leftist leaders, opposed to economic neoliberalism and US interference, and concerned about the most disadvantaged classes and indigenous minorities.

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Net Worth of Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez did his primary and secondary studies at Sabaneta and his superiors at the Military Academy of Venezuela, where he obtained the degree of second lieutenant in 1975. He also graduated in Sciences and Military Arts, branch Engineering, Terrestrial mention. He held various positions in the Armed Forces of Venezuela, the last of which would be the commander of the Parachute Battalion Coronel Antonio NicolásBriceño (1991-1992). In December of 1982 he created, with two other captains of the Army, the Bolivarian Revolutionary Movement-200, of nationalist and leftist orientation.

In 1989 the then President of Venezuela, Carlos Andres Perez, applied a plan of clash with neoliberal measures under the auspices of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to face the serious economic and financial crisis that affected the country in those years. The popular classes of Caracas mobilized massively against the plan of the government, in a movement known as Caracazo. The president ordered the army to repress the demonstrations, which provoked a strong discontent within the Armed Forces.

In 1992, Hugo Chavez led as military commander an attempted coup to overthrow the government of Carlos Andres Perez. Despite being welcomed by the population, the coup failed and Chavez was arrested, tried and sentenced to two years’ imprisonment in Yare prison (1992-1994). That same year another group of disgruntled military carried out another attempt of coup, that also failed; Among its demands was the release of Chavez.

In May 1993, the Parliament dismissed President Carlos Andrés Pérez, accused of embezzlement of public funds. Fulfilling his electoral promise, in 1994 the new president, Rafael Caldera, agreed to dismiss the open process against Chávez. After being released, Chávez left the army and entered fully into the political struggle; Founded the Movement V Republic (MVR) and began to travel the country explaining its proposals.

Faced with the political class that had led the country in recent decades, which he accused of corruption and betrayal of the country, Chavez based his speech on the corruption of the system and the main political parties. Taking into account that in the last forty years the country, thanks to oil, had made up the equivalent of seventeen Marshall plans in the form of foreign exchange, the accusation of corruption, mismanagement and embezzlement directed against traditional parties is more than reasonable. 3% of the population of Venezuela constituted the upper class, 17% were in an average social class and the remaining 80% were in poverty or marginality.

Faced with the chaotic reality of the country, Hugo Chavez’s discourse of salvation counted on the unconditional adherence of broad layers of desperate and impoverished population. His opponents accused him of populism and sell rhetorical hopes and void of real content, but this would only accentuate the tendency of Chavez to present a society divided on two sides, the people on the one hand and the “decadent oligarchy” by the Another, and to confront each other without eluding uprisings with the media, aligned in part with the opposition, and with one of the main institutions of the country, the Church.

Net Worth of Hugo Chavez

The Net Worth of Hugo Chavez in 2017 is $3 Billion.

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Full Name Hugo Chavez
Net Worth $3 Billion
Nationality Venezuelan
Annual Income$50 Million

At the head of the V Republic Movement and with the support of several leftist parties, Chavez presented his candidacy for the presidential elections of December 6, 1998 and was elected with 56.2% of the votes, beating the consensus candidate of the Traditional parties (COPEI and AcciónDemocrática). Following his program, the new president prompted the election of a Constituent Assembly in charge of drafting a new constitutional text, which would later be approved by referendum. After the new constitution was approved in 1999, Chavez was re-elected president of Venezuela for the period 2000-2006, with a wide difference over his opponents.

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