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Helmut Kohl Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Helmut Kohl Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. German politician who was chancellor of Germany between 1982 and 1998. From a middle-class family in West Germany, Helmut Kohl studied history and political science at the University of Heidelberg. At the age of only fifteen, after World War II, he joined the youth of the newly founded Christian Democratic Union (CDU). During a long political career in which he faithfully followed the wake of Konrad Adenauer, he occupied political posts of increasing responsibility in his native Land of Rhineland-Palatinate, until becoming president of the regional government (1969).

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net worth of Helmut Kohl

Helmut Kohl

From there he jumped into national politics endorsed by his good management, and became president of the CDU in 1973. Although his party obtained good results in the following elections (1976), the coalition between social-democrats and liberals allowed that the power continued in Helmut Schmidt, with Kohl as the leader of the opposition in the Federal Parliament of Bonn. In the following election, in 1980, he was forced to cede the Christian Democratic candidacy to the Chancellery in favor of the Bavarian Franz Joseph Strauss, who was defeated by a wide margin.

Kohl continued to exercise the leadership of the opposition until, in 1982, the liberals disassociated themselves from the social-democratic majority supporting the government; A motion of censure of liberals and Christian Democrats displaced Schmidt and made Helmut Kohl Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. He continued to occupy that position until 1998, beating Bismarck’s record of political longevity; For it had to win four successive general elections: those of 1983 and 1987 in the western Germany and those of 1990 and 1994 already in reunited Germany.

Kohl’s main achievement was the reunification of the two areas in which Germany had been divided at the end of World War II: skilfully taking advantage of the political opening promoted by Gorbachev in the socialist bloc and the ensuing collapse of the communist regime of East Germany (German Democratic Republic) in 1989, Kohl promoted the electoral victory of his East Christian Democrat partners and a rapid reunification of the country (1990) by integrating the Eastern Landers into the German Federal Republic, formerly confined to the West. In spite of the enthusiasm initially aroused by the unexpected achievement of this long-desired goal by the population of the two Germanies, the unification process had very high social, economic and political costs, increasing unemployment, inequality and Xenophobia in the country.

Net Worth of Helmut Kohl

The Net Worth of Helmut Kohl in 2017 is $10 Million.

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Full Name Helmut Kohl
Net Worth $10 Million
Nationality German
Annual Income$2 Million

In addition, Kohl’s brilliant leadership is based on his resolute Europeanism, based on the strengthening of the Franco-German axis to deepen the integration and enlargement of the European Community (European Union since 1993); With an economic policy attached to liberal orthodoxy increased the leading role of Germany as the economic engine of Europe and the axis of its announced monetary unification.

Loyal to the fundamental political-military commitment to the United States (he began his administration by allowing Parliament to approve the deployment of medium-range American missiles in Germany), Kohl knew how to increase Germany’s independence and international leadership, Its economic success and its weight in the European institutions to increase its presence throughout the world, especially in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Moreover, Kohl was always a pragmatic politician, skilled at improvisation, negotiation and compromise, but also faithful to his ideological principles, with a sense of state and a vision of the future.

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