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Heath Ledger Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Heath Ledger  Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Australian film actor whose premature death truncated a promising career. Ledger’s parents, who chose their name and their sister Katherine’s for the characters in Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights, began divorce proceedings when she was ten. Meanwhile, Heath attended school and was interested in sports; Became part of the Kalamunda Field hockey team, of which his father was president from 1990 to 1992.

At age sixteen, with only one left to graduate, Ledger left his studies to move to Sydney, with the aim of making his way as an actor. He played several roles on Australian television and was successful with the Roar series. This triumph opened the doors of the American market. In 1999 he worked on the series 10 things I hate about You. He reprized some roles in teen films and then participated in two films for which he received praise from critics: The Patriot (2000) and Destino de Caballero (2001).

In 2001 he also had a role in Monster’s Ball, followed by The Four Feathers (2002), Ned Kelly (2003), The Order (2003) and The Masters of Dogtown (2005). Under the direction of Terry Gilliam worked in 2005 in a production of greater budget, the secret of the brothers Grimm, and later filmed, under the orders of Ang Lee, the film that would consecrate it like actor: Brokeback Mountain (2005). For this film, which starred opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, earned the Oscar and Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor. His performance at Brokeback Mountain also earned him the 2005 Best Actor Award from the New York Film Critics Circle and the San Francisco Film Critics Circle.

2005 is also Casanova, in which he played the Italian seducer. There was the unusual circumstance that three of his films were exhibited at the 2005 Venice Film Festival, Brokeback Mountain, The Secret of the Brothers Grimm and Casanova. In 2006 he filmed an Australian production, Candy, and in 2007 appeared in a biopic about Bob Dylan titled I’m not there.

His next film, The Dark Knight (Batman, The Dark Knight) was in the post-production phase when, in January 2008, the actor died of an accidental overdose of sleeping pills. Ledger left unfinished The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, the movie of Terry Gilliam that was filming on the date of his death. In order to finalize the film, Ledger’s role was shared between Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell, who embodied the successive transformations of Ledger’s character.

Net Worth of Heath Ledger  

The Net Worth of Heath Ledger  in 2017 is $20 Million.

These actors resolved to donate the proceeds of the proceeds to Matilda, the daughter that the ill-fated actor had with Michelle Williams in October 2005. Friend of musician Ben Harper, Ledger had founded with him the record label Music Masses Co, and directed the video clip of The Morning Yearnin ‘song. Harper’s song “Happy Ever After in Your Eyes” had its origin in Ledger’s request that she write a nana for her daughter.

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