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Fernando Colunga Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Fernando Colunga Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Mexican actor. Fernando Colunga Olivares was born on March 3, 1966 in Mexico City. After having a very heterogeneous professional life, at present he is well known in his native country for his long career as an actor and for his physical attractiveness that has led him to be considered as one of the gallants of Mexico.

Each of the telenovelas in which he participates ends up being a real success of public, which has allowed him to undertake other interpretative challenges where he has demonstrated all his capacity as an actor. Today it is one of the most projected actors in the Latin American audiovisual industry.

Fernando Colunga net worth

Fernando Colunga

Fernando Colunga was never a child of interpretation. In fact, his interests cover different fields and he had many other works before dedicating himself to being actor. Besides having studies of civil engineer has been, among many other things, administrative of company. His first professional contact with the world of the cinema was not established by the most habitual ways, since it began working double in certain Mexican productions. He soon realized that being an actor was his passion and he chose to start a career in this field.

Fernando Colunga has many fans in his country. He is considered a seductive man whose look is capable of capturing the attention of those who contemplate him on the screen. In addition, it does not stop appearing on Mexican television, either playing telenovelas (the traditional audiovisual product of much of Latin America) and miniseries or participating in the most diverse programs. In fact, in his beginnings his face became popular in many homes thanks to having a role in, for example, the Mexican version of the well-known international children’s program Plaza Sésamo.

But if Fernando Colunga is one of the most famous personages of Mexico is above all for being one of the most assiduous actors of the telenovelas. He debuted in these productions in 1994 with Beyond the Bridge and since then practically every season has been able to see him in the televisions of his country starring in some of these works.

In his extensive curriculum he has such outstanding titles as Alondra, María la del Barrio, Esmeralda, La Usurpadora, Beyond the usurper, I will never forget you and hug me very hard. His last work in this genre dates back to 2003, when he had the opportunity to star in Amor Real, a telenovela by Carla Estrada in which he acts alongside the actors Adela Noriega and Mauricio Islas.

With the interpretation of all these novels Fernando Colunga gets that his fame as an actor goes on growing year after year. The strong personality that he proves before the cameras makes that, besides the public, many directors look at him and offer him to work in various projects in the field of Mexican cinema and theater.

Its privileged position in the telenovelas market allows it to accept some of these proposals and transfer the television screens in this way. He went on stage for the first time in 1999 to play Sin original. To this experience, which will be very positive, will follow the works A deception does not hurt and Trap of death.

Net Worth of Fernando Colunga.

The Net Worth of Fernando Colunga in 2017 is $ 60 Million.

Colunga’s successful interpretive career is not limited to television and theater. It also leads him to be present in several films produced in his country. Thus, in 1994 he opens as a movie actor when he participates in Bésame en la Boca and it is from that moment that various filmmakers offer him roles in such well-known films as Marianela, Cinderella, Sons of the Sun, Fuente Ovejuna and The sea.

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