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Eric Hosmer Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Eric Hosmer is a regular MLB player, also known for his power and accuracy while hitting the ball. He plays with the left hand, the main reason he serves as the first baseman for Kansas City Royals in Major Baseball League. Eric’s net worth and income increased to $6 million after signing his first contract in MLB.

He was upgraded from Minor to Major League for his brilliant performances in a baseball tournament. Hosmer had multiple injuries during matches; he once fractured his hands playing against Boston Red Sox.

Eric has won three golden glove prizes, his last one in 2015 for his distinguished performances.

Hosmer was awarded royal player of the month in his very first Major League, it was the time Kansas started to love and expect more of him, referred his as ‘face of the franchise’.

Eric continued his hunt, 2014 was a brilliant season for him, he was the first player in MLB to hit a triple and home run in a match session.

total worth and income of eric hosmer

Kansas warrior Eric Hosmer

Full NameEric Hosmer
ProfessionBaseball Player
NET WORTH$25 Million
Worth per season$5 Million approximately

Total Worth: $25 Million

Worth per season: $5 Million approximately

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