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Lewis Hamilton Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. British Formula 1 driver, world champion in 2008. In the last Grand Prix of 2008, in the Brazilian circuit of Interlagos, and in a very disputed final stretch, he achieved his first world title, Becoming to its 23 years in the youngest champion of the history of the specialty. He was thus disqualified from the disappointment of the previous season, when, despite starting as a favorite, he ended up losing the title also in the last day.

The son of Anthony Hamilton, a Caribbean emigrant from the island of Granada, and Carmen Lockhart, of British nationality, his father gave him his middle name (Carl) as a tribute to his great idol, the athlete Carl Lewis. At the age of twelve she moved to Stevenage (Hertfordshire), where her father had settled with his second wife, Linda, whom he had married when Lewis was only two. Here Linda would conceive of Nicholas, suffering from cerebral palsy, to whom Lewis would devote all his affection and ensure that none of his competitions were ever lost.

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net worth of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

His father had emigrated trying to get a better future for his family and had to work hard. Employed in the public railways, he worked for more than 12 hours a day and at night he also attended night schools to learn about various subjects. Eventually luck would smile, but nothing could make him forget the image of Lewis pushing the wheelchair of his second son in the paddock. Lewis studied primary in the John Henry Newman School, where that hyperactive child was habitual victim of racist insults. He was not intimidated and soon gained the respect of his companions by becoming an accomplished karateka. His father, to appease his temper, had saved to buy him a first-hand kart. And immediately he showed great dexterity.

Those were difficult times, though. The father, because of the color of his skin, did not find anyone who wanted to sponsor his son so that he could demonstrate his abilities. He got tired of running the circuits without success. He finally decided to register him as a private individual at the British Karts Championship in 1995. Lewis won and his father was forced to borrow a suit to attend the gala at the Autosport awards ceremony, where he picked up the trophy and winked at him. Eye the almighty Ron Dennis, the McLaren-Mercedes patron.

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Lewis did not ignore the gesture and approached the magnate to ask for an autograph and intrigue him with a phrase at the time unconvincing: “One day I will run and win with McLaren.” Dennis, with a wry smile, handed him a business card with his phone and said, “Call me in nine years.” It would be the beginning of a brilliant career as a pilot, only three years later was Dennis himself who called to recruit that child as part of his program of young promises, at a time when the team had won the Formula 1 World Championship With Mika Hakkinen.

After his success in Karting, Hamilton became the darling boy of Dennis, who made him jump to the cars in 2001, in one of the tests in which they begin to forge the future pilots of Formula 1, the Winter Series of The Formula Renault. In its debut it was in fifth position, in front of older drivers. Its progression made that in 2002 it gained three tests with Manor Motorsport and it went up to the final podio like third. The following year already got the title with Manor.

That category made him small despite his youth, so in 2004 and 2005 he ran in the F-3 Euroseries, which was proclaimed champion in its second season. This allowed him to compete in 2006 in GP2, the prelude to Formula 1. He won the title loosely ahead of Nelson Piquet Jr., with whom he would later be in the top category. That dream victory in his debut convinced Dennis to jump into Formula 1 with McLaren, with a spectacular contract for a rookie. And already in 2007 could have been champion and the first to win the title in its first year in the specialty. But problems with his team mate (two-time champion Fernando Alonso), coupled with Lewis’s inexperience, led him to lose the title in the last Grand Prix.

Net Worth of Lewis Hamilton 

The Net Worth of Lewis Hamilton in 2017 is $300 Million.

Full NameLewis Hamilton
Net Worth$300 Million
Profession Car Racer
Annual Income$20 Million

In 2008, already with Alonso again in Renault, acted with greater prudence, although he continued makin blunders. But he managed to reach the final race, the Interlagos Grand Prix (Brazil), with few points of difference over Brazilian Felipe Massa. If Massa won and Hamilton did not surpass the sixth position, the Brazilian pilot would proclaim champion.

It was an incredible end, because on the last lap Massa was leading and Hamilton was sixth. Massa crossed the first goal and from behind came Hamilton in the sixth position. In the paddock of Ferrari was already celebrated the title when suddenly appeared the McLaren of Hamilton

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