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Daewon Song Net Worth Income profile and Salary

Daewon Song Net Worth Income profile and Salary. Formerly the Thrasher’s Skater of the Year 2006, is a Korean-American Skateboarder. Daewon Song is a competent athlete, having a wonderful grip over the skateboards. “Almost Skateboards” is the company for skateboarding stuff and sponsors many other skateboarders. Daewon Song is the Co-owner of this company along with Rodney Mullen.

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He started skateboarding from childhood; his family was very supportive in this regard. His first skateboard was gifted by his mother. Soon his parents get separated, which affected his practice. But he continued the passion and a shop of skateboarding sponsored him for his skills. He came up to the expectations of the fans and sponsors and won many titles. One of the titles was skateboarder of the year by a magazine named Thrasher.

Daewon Song net worth

Daewon Song | Skateboarder

Net Worth of Daewon Song

At the age of sixteen, he got some better sponsors and got some roles in video games. These endorsements summed up his net worth to much greater extent. Currently the net worth of Daewon Song is estimated to round about $1.2 million.

He had a severe injury of ankle, and this affected his total worth very much in the year 1996-1997.

Later on, he founded a company Deca Skateboards, which could not stand up to a profitable company.

Net Worth : $1.2 million

Comparing Other Skateboarders net worth

Bucky Lasek net worth is 2 time.


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