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Chris Jericho Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Chris Jericho Net Worth Income Profile, monthly and annual Salary. How much he is earning in 2017 and some what expectation about later months of 2017. The complete detail of his richness and wealth. One of the most appreciated WWE wrestlers is Chris Jericho. He is one of the most memorable wrestlers in the industry. Chris has got a high wrestling as well as on-screen career. He is a public figure and hosted many television shows. Chris Jericho has a surprising net worth of 18 million US dollars. His career’s most notable feature is his large entrance in all his WWE shows. Jericho was born in the state of New York, Manhasset town the US. He was raised in a different land Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Chris has a huge fan following and an endless stream of followers.

Chris Jericho net worth income profile and salary

Chris Jericho | WWE SuperStar

People are concerned about this superhero and like to know each and everything about WWE superstar, Chris Jericho. One of such information is regarding his net worth that fascinates all of his fans. Chris has made a lot of wealth in past few years. Currently, he stands among the top wealthiest highly paid wrestlers in the WWE industry. Chris got his first fame when he announced his challenge to the legendary The Rock back in the year 1999, which was the time when The Rock was considered the pioneer of WWE industry and all other wrestlers could not even think to face his wrath. This challenge showed Chris Jericho guts to face any hardships in his way to get his goal and his determination to meet whatever challenges industry brings before him!

Chris started debuting at a small age of 19. He was a fond of wrestling word since his childhood and got trained to meet his legacy at Hart Brothers School of Wrestling. Chris Jericho started his wrestling career while staying in Canada, in some random armories and later expanded his public circle and went on global performances. His performances in Mexico and Japan got viral, and he adopted many different international styles of competing.

The people who are going to tell you that you can not do things in life are the ones who have failed to try themselves.

Chris Jericho!


 Net Worth of Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho net worth

Chris Jericho | Wrestler


Full NameChristopher Keith Irvine
Ring NameChris Jericho
Net worth$18 million
Annual Salary974,000 US dollars
E Gaming Revenue20000 - 100000 US dollars per annum

The Net worth of Wrestler Chris Jericho in 2016 is $18 million.

Chris Jericho is one of the oldest wrestlers of World Wrestling Entertainment industry, and as it is said Old is Gold, Chris is making gold out of his talent and experience. The WWE superstar is expected to get a million dollars annual salary, about 974,000 US dollars precisely. Apart from the basic salary, he enjoys a huge amount of bonuses and allowances. He also enjoys incentives through appearances, merchandise loyalty bonuses, and live events. Jericho has also got some of his private video games over his career, through which he also earns about 20000 to 100000 US dollars every year. Currently, Chris has an enormous net worth of about 18 million US dollars which is still on its verge of increment. Chris holds the title of 31 Championships including a record-breaking nine Intercontinental Championships, and six World Championship titles. His current age is about 45 years, but Chris still has a heart of the same young blood that challenged the great The Rock.

The Chris Jericho Net Worth comparison with other big superstars

Chris Jericho total worth

Chris Jericho Vs other Wrestlers

The Chris Jericho’s total Net Worth : $18 Million

The Chris Jericho Net Worth versus The Rock Net Worth :25 percent (about a quarter)

The Chris Jericho’s Net Worth versus Steve Austin Net Worth : 40 percent

The Chris Jericho’s Net Worth versus John Cena Net Worth : 51 percent (about half)

The Net Worth of Chris Jericho’s versus Big Show Net Worth : 60 percent

The Chris Jericho’s Net Worth versus Triple H Net Worth : 72 percent (about three-quarters)

The Chris Jericho’s Net Worth versus Kurt Angle Net Worth : 90 percent

The Chris Jericho’s versus Shawn Michaels Net Worth : 1.06 times more

The Chris Jericho’s versus The Undertaker Net Worth : 1.13 times more

The Chris Jericho’s versus Mick Foley Net Worth : 1.2 times more

The Chris Jericho’s versus Bret Hart Net Worth :1.3 times more

The Chris Jericho’s versus Edge Net Worth : 1.3 times more

The Chris Jericho’s versus Sting Net Worth :1.4 times more

The Chris Jericho’s versus WWE super star Roman Reigns : 3 times less

The Chris Jericho’s versus Brock Lesnar Net Worth : 1.45 times more

The Chris Jericho’s Worth versus Bill Goldberg Net Worth : 1.5 times more

Chris Jericho Quick Biography

Chris Jericho is a famous WWE professional wrestler and a stunning performer. His full name is Christopher Keith Irvine, but industry made him famous with the name Jericho. Chris was born in Manhasset, New York, United States on 9th November in the year 1970. He holds Canadian citizenship. Chris ethnicity is also Canadian. He has an enormous wealth and his various sources of income include World Wrestling Entertainment, WWF, ECW, and WCW. Television has also contributed significantly to his economy. Chris is married to Jessica Lockhart and has three children, namely, Cheyenne Lee, Sierra Loretta, and Ash Edward. Chris is a Professional Wrestler, a Musician, a Media Personality, an Actor, an Author, and a successful Businessman. His height is six feet, 0 inches (about 1.83 m), and weight is about 226 pounds (about 103 kg). Chris Jericho has successfully ruled the hearts of WWE fans for over two decades.

Win 30 championship titles

Chris Jericho is currently signed in with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), he has also played for Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in the recent years. Chris has also given extraordinary performances in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), Mexican, Japanese and Canadian screen shows. Chris was able to achieve a hard-earned 30 championship titles from WCW, ECW, WWF, and WWE during his whole career. Being an old player he has became the expert of all the domains of the wrestling industry. As he witnessed all the ups and downs of WWE world, he has always been accepted with grace by all the fellow wrestlers. Chris is the only player to defeat The Rock and Steve Austin on the same night. It clearly shows his worth and talent in the ring. At this stage, he won the WWF Championship and WWE World Championship on the same night without resting for a single moment.

During his whole career, Chris has won one WWF championship, two WCW World Championships, nine Intercontinental championships, and three world heavyweight championships. These are a lot to be earned by a single man, but when it comes to the mighty Chris Jericho, all these successes seem less.

Wrestler’s Life Outside the Ring

Chris Jericho worth

Chris Jericho | Superstar Wrestler

Chris’s life outside the ring is quite a prosperous one. The superstar has a band named Fozzy and works as a lead vocalist in it. Fozzy has released two of its albums so far. The featured songs of the albums of Fozzy include All That Remains (the year 2005), Sin and Bones (the year 2012), Grail (the year 2010), and Chasing the Sin and Bones (the year 2012). Chris has also earned fame and respect in the TV industry. He appeared as a host of shows Downfall and Revolver Golden Gods Awards. He has also appeared in the series Dancing with the Stars released in the year 2011 as a contender. Chris has undoubtedly made a successful career even outside the ring.

Chris Jericho Celebrity life

Besides being the WWE Heavyweight Champion, Chris has also got a lucky, glamorous life of a celebrity. He hosted many well-known television shows due to which he got an amazing in fame in the TV industry. Chris has been a subject of media for decades. He has been considered a figure that many anchors and journalists wanted to interview. Chris Jericho has also conducted and participated in many TV reality shows, for which he is considered as an expert. He got great while involved in Celebrity Duet, and surely in the 12th season of Dancing with the Stars. Chris knows how to attract media attention. Jericho has most recently media stance was the six weeks which made him a lot of money, about 200,000 to 250,000 US dollars. Chris has also written a successive three books on his autobiographies and is compiling his fourth one. Chris first book was published under the title A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex which stood the New York Times bestseller of the year and made him earn a lot of money. Chris has also appeared in some movies, one of which that got hit was MacGruber.

Chris Jericho Wrestling Career

Chris has earned an amazing, graceful and a right name being a wrestler. He has got an extraordinary experience in WWE industry and still knows about all the dos and don ts of this field. Chris performance in the ring has made him a massive traffic of fans all over the world. Most notably Chris Jericho is considered an undisputed superstar in WWE industry in the countries of Canada, Japan, and Mexico. People adore his wonderful ring performance and the way he beats his competitors with experience. Chris has defeated some good WWE stars and proved his capability inside the ring. Even today he is considered favorite in many WWE domains. Chris has a bright past and obviously has a promising future in the world of wrestling.


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