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Catherine Zeta-Jones Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Catherine Zeta-Jones Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. British actress. An Irish mother and Welsh father, Patricia and David Jones (her dressmaker and the seller of a candy factory she currently owns), both stimulated her daughter’s artistic inclinations from a very young age, encouraging her to be included in local festivals and School events, as well as linking it from the age of four to a Catholic congregation that is fond of spectacle.

Often flanked by her siblings David (1967) and Lyndon (1972), she regularly performed at various schools, boarding schools and orphanages, usually for charity, from the age of seven or eight, At the Swansea’s Grand Theater with the musical Annie.

Catherine Zeta-Jones net worth

Catherine Zeta-Jones

After two seasons (a long convalescence after having been practiced a traqueotomy kept her away from the stage), she had the opportunity to audition before the producer Mickey Dolenz, passing through Swansea, and this contracted her as a choir girl for a musical Of impending premiere in the West End, Pajama Game (The Pajama Game).

Once in London and after intervening in this and other montages, she introduced in her stage name the enigmatic “Zeta”. Called Catherine in honor of her maternal grandmother, the Irish Catherine Fair, Zeta (pronounced “Tsita”) was the name of her Welsh grandmother and represented a family tradition (that was the name of the ship in which the great-grandmother of the actress sailed) . Otherwise there were only six “Catherines Jones” in their class … and that added some exoticism to her Anglo-Saxon name. It premiered in another musical, the remake of 42nd Street, before the success in this genre with her character Tallulah in Bugsy Malone.

Although she had already made her film debut with a short film in Philippe de Broca’s Les mille et unenuits (1990), she had a taste for fame thanks to the successful British series The Darling Buds of May (1991) , That in its three years of emission turned it into a very popular star. As such, she soon became a favorite prey to the tabloid press.

A glance at the publications of the time reveals a Zeta-Jones far removed from its later image of madrasa, more concerned with airing or denying “exclusively” the successive adventures of sentimentales that linked it to the actors David Essex, Mick Simply, Angus MacFayden and Paul McGann, musician Mick Hucknall, film director Nick Hamm, producer Jon Peters and, among others, one of the best-known Scottish television figures, John Leslie … A true sentimental tour de force Assured him of her weekly presence in the tabloids.

This repercussion in the pink press also had its revenues in the professional plane. It even got to record a single and a album of ballads. Later, after a timid incursion in the American market, it obtained a prominent paper in the television chain ABC, in the production The Young Indiana Jones Chronicle’s (1991). A modest debut but that allowed a fleeting appearance in Christopher Columbus: The Discovery (1992) and to star in the television version of Titanic, which was ahead of the film.

It was in this last role, that of Isabelle Parradine, in which Steven Spielberg saw her, whom the unusual Latin type of the Welsh actress thought ideal to incarnate Elena Montero that would accompany Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins in the mask of the Zorro (1998) – she was one of the producers – and so it was suggested to the director, Martin Campbell. The film was a great commercial success and meant for Catherine the jump to an immediate international fame.

Net Worth of Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Net Worth of Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2017 is $55 Million.

Luck wanted that during the presentation of the mask of the Fox in the Festival of Deauville, in September of 1998, crossed with Michael Douglas. And although the actress took a few months to give her definitive yes, the crush swept with the actor’s former model marriage with Diandra Murrell-Luker, mother of her son Cameron (1979), after twenty-two years of union, and turned the splendid Mansion of the couple in Mallorca, S’Estaca, on a shared property six months a year.

Born the same day (he, twenty-five years earlier), did not hesitate to challenge the zodiac by starting a life together. Their commitment was formalized 18 of November of 2000, when they were already parents of Dylan (in honor of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas), born three months before. Three years later their relationship was in full harmony with the birth of their daughter Carys Zeta (carys means ‘love’ in Gaelic) in April of 2003.

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