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Carlos Beltran Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Carlos Beltran Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Carlos Beltran holds greater deeds, achievements, and a reputation of a pious believer. He hails from Peurto Rico, his cousin Reymond Fuentes is an outfielder in MLB.

Beltran is a God-gifted athlete, his interest splits as he played volleyball and baseball in his high school, it was his dad that motivated him towards the baseball. After making his Minor League debut in 1997, Carlos appeared in Major League the very next year, it was Kansas Royals for which he played for around 6 years.

Beltron was then traded off to Astros, after becoming a free-agent at the end of the contract in 2005, Carlos was a hot dish with his career stats and staggering records.

carlos beltron net worth

Net Worth of Carlos Beltron:

In 2005, New York Mets offered him a 7-year ripe contract of $119 million in response to Yankees showing interest in Carlos Beltran. Carlos made his biggest deal that time, it was the first time that Mets had surpassed $100 million marks purchasing a player, Beltran opened his academy with the all-time high net worth in his bank account in Florida, Puerto Rico a dream come true for him in 2011. Carlos encountered a terrible collision in the very first season joining Mets, it cost him the loss of vision for days, broken jaws, and bruises all over the face.

After a short term with Giants in 2011, Beltran was offered a place in his favorite New York Yankees franchise, he remained with Yankees until August 1st after being traded to Texas Rangers.

Career Records:

Gold Glove Awards: 3

Silver Slugger Awards: 2

Stolen Base: 300+

Home Runs: 400+

Exclusive Records:

5th to make 400+ home runs and 300+ stolen bases. Broken 1.000 OPS in four different series. Member of 30-30 baseball club.

Net Worth: $140 Million

Monthly Salary: $3 Million

Yearly Income: $40 Million

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