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Bill Goldberg Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg Net Worth Income Profile and Salary 2017. How much rich is this wrestler and all of his assets and wealth details, which includes his all earnings. Bill Goldberg is a multi-talented personality. He is an actor, TV host, professional athlete, a former pro wrestler, an automobile aficionado, and a former NFL football player. Bill Goldberg is best known for his wonderful appearances on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). His most remarkable appearance can be regarded as his quite long undefeated streak performance (173-0) in enormous single competitions. The WWE considers him as the first and only undefeated world heavy champion in the remarkable history of professional wrestling to hold on the version of the mighty Big Gold Belt in both of the WWE and WCW. Bill Goldberg has amazingly made headlines of many pay per view events for the WWE and WCW including Starr Cade, on two great occasions, and closing WCW premier annual ceremony. Bill’s career is full of hardships and rewards, he has successfully proved his worth on numerous times and is regarded as a fully professional personality when it comes to discussing his amazing wrestling career. He also holds a one-time WCW World Tag Team Champion (with Bret Hart) title, and a two-time WCW United States Heavyweight Champion title, which is indeed not a child’s play. Read also about Big Show net worth.

Bill Goldberg net worth

Bill Goldberg | Wrestler

After his retirement from the professional wrestling, Bill Goldberg was enrolled in the year 201, into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. He then continued his working career as a commentator, mainly supplying his services for the mixed martial arts promotion EliteXC up to the date till it closed. Bill Goldberg has been on TV shows for so many times mainly he hosted  Garage Mahal show on the DIY Network and many other shows aired on the Speed Channel. He has also appeared in various movies which include The Longest Yard, Universal Soldier, and Santa’s Slay. He also appeared in the cast of the show hosted by Donald Trump Namely Celebrity Apprentice. From his endless collection of various amazing cars and his hosting of automobile driven contents like GarageMahal, and BULLRUN, it can easily be assumed that he is surely an automotive lover and fanatic!. Read also About The Rock Dwayne Johnson Net Worth

The fact is that I have made a firm stand sometimes in my life, and I took these steps because I knew I stand right.

Bill Goldberg!


 Net Worth of Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg total worth

Bill Goldberg | WWE Super Star

Full NameWilliam Scott "Bill" Goldberg
Net Worth$14 million
Annual Salary$1,647,059 USD
WCW Income$2,500,000 a year
Revenue From Movies$ 8,941,609 Gross Income

Different sources estimate Bill Goldberg’s net worth as 14 Million US dollars. His salary is estimated to be exactly $1,647,059 per year according to famous Net Worth Magazine. His first three years’ annual salary working for WCW was fixed at $2,500,000 a year excluding various merchandise sales and bonuses. His annual estimated Salary is $1,696,000. For his fourth year in WCW, he earned an upwards $3,500,000 annual salary excluding various merchandise sales and bonuses. Bill Goldberg has also earned a lot of money from the film industry and has made an estimated sum of 8,941,609 US dollars from his catchy six movies. He also earns around 366,013 US dollars annually from endorsements and sponsorships. He also earns about $437,500 from featuring in programs and sponsorships. Also Read about superstar of WWE John Cena Net Worth income profile and salary.

Earnings & Financial Data in previous years | Which Shows How much wealth he had in these years:

Following are details of annual salary of Bill Goldberg of some previous years;

  • Earning of the year 2012: –           $7,179,487
  • Earning of the year 2013: –           $9,491,525
  • Earning of the year 2014: –           $11,666,667
  • Earning of the year 2015: –           $12,727,273
  • Earning of the year 2016: –           $14,000,000

Earnings & Financial Data from Movies

Following are details of earnings and financial date from movies of Bill Goldberg;

  • Bill Goldberg net worth from movies

    Bill Goldberg Net Worth

    The Longest Yard: –         $1,166,667

  • The Kid & I: –                    $875,000
  • Santa’s Slay: –                  $800,000
  • Half Past Dead 2: –           $717,949
  • Minnow: –                          $608,696

Total money from these movies: –           $4,168,311

The Bill Goldberg Total Worth comparison with other big superstars Of WWE

Bill Goldberg vs Tiple H net worth

The Bill Goldberg total Net Worth – 14 Million US dollars


The Bill Goldberg Net Worth versus Brock Lesner Net Worth – 90 percent

The Bill Goldberg Net Worth versus Triple H Net Worth – 56 percent

The Bill Goldberg Net Worth versus Batista Net Worth – 140 percent (about 5.5 million more)

The Bill Goldberg Net Worth versus Chris Jericho Net Worth – 77 percent (about three quarters)

The Bill Goldberg Net Worth versus Kevin Nash Net Worth – 125 percent (about 3.5 million more)

The Bill Goldberg Net Worth versus The Undertaker Net Worth – 90 percent

The Bill Goldberg Net Worth versus Stone Cold Steve Austin Net Worth – 22 percent (about quarter)

The Bill Goldberg Net Worth versus Chris Benoit Net Worth – about 12.72 times more.

Bill Goldberg Luxury Life

Bill Goldberg has quite a passion for cars, especially for the classic ones. Bill’s love for cars is almost alike as his love for his child and wife, as is said by him. His first car was the 1976 Trans Am. Bill’s dream and aim of life were to own a garage that is filled with the coolest cars that he used to see in his childhood. It can be considered as one of the reasons that made him work so hard.

His collection includes;

  • Shelby GT500 1967.
  • Jaguar XK-E Series 1 Convertible 1966.
  •  Shelby Cobra Replica 1965.
  • Dodge Charger 1969.
  •  Dodge 330 1963.
  • Chevy Biscayne 1959.
  • Plymouth GTX 1968.
  • Replica of Super Stock Dodge Dart 1968.
  • Dodge Coronet 1970.
  • ½ Camaro Z28 1970.
  • Pontiac GTO 1970.
  • Boss 429 Mustang 1970.
  • Pontiac Trans Am Ram Air IV 1970.
  • Yenko Camaro 1968.
  • Chevy Blazer Convertible 1969.
  • Super-Duty Trans AM 1973.
  • Mercury Pickup Truck 1967

Quick Biography of Bill Goldberg

Bill’s full name is William Scott Bill Goldberg. He holds American citizenship. Bill Goldberg was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the United States on December 27, 1966. He is a multi-talented personality which makes him quite an earner. His different sources of earning are Wrestling and Sports. His various occupations are acting, professional football player, and a professional wrestler. Bill’s education is from the University of Georgia. His height is 6 feet 4 inches (about 1.93 m) and weight is 267 pounds (about 121 kg). He is married to Wanda Ferraton and has one child. Over all, he deserves the net worth he owns.

Facts about Bill Goldberg

Throughout his whole wrestling career, Bill was praised as a one-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and also one-time World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) World Heavyweight Champion.

He also got titled as the first ever undefeated world weighted champion in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) history.

He was also the first and only man to have got the mighty Big Gold Belt in both WWE and WCW.

Bill Goldberg’s famous catchphrase “Who’s next?” rapidly got over the heads of his numerous fans, and helped him to became one of the most popular screen stars on the whole roster despite his much shorter tenure. He lived a short but forgetting screen life which still rules his fans hearts!

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