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Bill Gates Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Bill Gates net worth, total income, salary details 2017. How much wealthy and rich celebrity is and how much is he earning per year, per month, daily, hourly and even in a second or minute.

bill gates net worth 2017

Bill Gates | Businessman

We are also listing his assets declared as per by forbes. William Henry Gates III (born October 28 1955), better known as Bill Gates, the co-founder, current chairman and main software architect for Microsoft. As per 2009, he was the richest individual in the world, and it is thought that he earns $ 340 a second.

Net Worth of Bill Gates

Bill has got a total worth of 93 billion USD. Which is 6000 billion in Indian rupees, and 72 billion in pounds.

Full NameWilliam Henry "Bill" Gates III
Net Worth90 billion USD
Income Per Year$11.5 billion
Income Per Day$33.3 million
Hourly Income$1.38 million
Income Per Minute$23,148
Income Per second$400
Source of IncomeMicrosoft
Age in years61

Gates is one of the most well-known entrepreneur in the PC industry. In business circles he is respected for his intellect, his ability to anticipate market developments and its high level of ambition. In addition, his business practices were the subject of criticism.

Having gathered his fortune has Bill Gates emerged as a philanthropist. In January 2000 he founded with his wife a charity, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with preliminary $ 27 billion available. In all, he has donated about 51% of its total assets to charity, and he has (according to Forbes) gave more to charity than any other person.

Brief Biography of Bill Gates

bill gates net worth

Bill Gates | In Young Age

Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington. His father, William H. Gates, was a lawyer, and his mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, was a director of Berkshire Hathaway, First Interstate Bank, Pacific Northwest Bell and United Way, and later she became the first female member of the University Board of University of Washington. Gates has two younger sisters, Anne and Christian Libby. His grandfather, J. W. Maxwell, was a bank manager, and reportedly he established a fund of several million to Gates the year he was born. Gates, however, in the magazine Playboy denied having had any funds from childhood. According to Gates, he has only been paid his expensive education.

In primary school Gates was in the Scouts and reached the rank of Life Scout. In high school he was fellow with Paul Allen Traf-O-Data, which later on became company owners that sold computer systems to governments. In addition, he helped to develop a payroll system in COBOL for a company in Portland, Oregon.

When he was 13, he made the already small, simple programs like “Tic Tac Toe”. In a math test, he managed even to get 800 out of 800 possible points.

According to a press survey, Bill Gates got 1590 out of 1,600 possible points (800, the highest score in math part) in his SAT test and had the option of enrolling for Harvard University which he did in 1973. There he studied computer science and met its future business partner Steve Ballmer. During his second year at Harvard, he wrote, along with Paul Allen and Monte Davidoff, BASIC for the Altair 8800en. Gates dropped out during his third year in the attempt to establish a career in software development.

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