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Big Show Net Worth Income profile and Salary

Professional wrestler Big Show Net total Worth complete Income sources and annual Salary amount. Being called Big Show, had his original name Paul Donald Wight II. Big show is a Well-known wrestler celebrity, who initially worked answering phone calls. He entered the world of aggressiveness and hostility in the 90s. He had a huge weight and body mass, and so he took the best advantage of his muscular body by joining different wrestlers platform. After joining international wrestlers, people started recognizing him as a wonderful wrestler and admired him of his fighting skills. Big show’s net worth rose to $20 million and so is going up till date.

Big Show net worth 2016

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Stepping into the world of stage wrestling he first signed World Championship Wrestling in 1995. After being presented on the screen and big wrestling shows, he was called up by the name “ The Giant.” So, in the beginning, he was known as The Giant due to his body weight and the particular way of fighting and thrashing the opponent. He got success one after the other and audience wanted him to be in the ring to be fought for their entertainment.

Net Worth of Big Show

As his fame was hitting the peak, he planned to join the WWF that is World Wide Federation and signed a ten-year contract with them. In the very first match of WWF, he battered Auston and thrashed him on and off. Match was totally for The Big show. Unfortunately, While Wight hit the Auston against the cage, it was so severe that the cage broke and opened up for the opponent player Auston. So, the opponent Auston got the way out and so the match resulted in the loss of Wight – The big show. As the time passed, he fought against many champion warriors like Kane, Undertaker, Rock, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Stone Cold, Dean Ambrose and Triple H. We will cover their net worth in our next few articles.

When we look at his career, it is full of various achievements. He won twice  World Championship Wrestling in heavyweight championship. That is not the easy job to do, and the big show won this for two times in the history of WCW. These achievements increase the net worth of any wrestlers and so the total worth of Paul Donald Wight increase so much.

Big Show is the only wrestler in the history to won the heavyweight championship of ECW, WCW, WWE and ECW titles. He holds this record and no one was able to break the record of these heavyweight championship titles.

He also won various time Tag team Championships in World Wide Federation and WWE. So, later on he was paid heavily to stay with WWE. So WWE is paying him annual salary sum of $ 1350000.

  • Interesting Fact: Big Show also wrestled against Floyd Mayweather, who was a renowned boxer.

big show total worth

Big Show in One of the Movie scene

Being a renowned wrestler, he did not stop there. Many Hollywood producers and directors sent him proposals and he accepted several of them. He also proved out to be a wrestler as well as a competent actor. Getting a role in several Hollywood productions, the net worth of big show become even better than what he was earning from wrestlings. He got rolled in production in his early career. He got the first film shot in 1996 in the movie Reggie’s Prayer. In the same year, he appeared on big screen in the movie Jingle All The Way. After two years, in 1998, he re-appeared in The Waterboy. Later on there was a big gap and came back in production in 2006 and onward in movies like Little Hercules, Knucklehead. That’s all about some of the earning sources of Big Show. So you can now estimate, how much is the income of Big show.

Net Worth : $20 million

Annual WWE Salary : US $1.35 Million

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