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Barbara Mori Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Barbara Mori Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Uruguayan actress. Bárbara Mori Ochoa was born in Uruguay in 1978, but moved to Mexico when she is still very young, after the divorce of her parents. Thanks to her spectacular physique she becomes a familiar face of soap operas that are made in Mexico and little by little in an actress of reputed prestige protagonist of diverse papers.

Barbara Mori’s personal life is equally closely linked to the scene of the Mexican scene. She has a son from her wedding with actor Sergio Mayer and her sister, Kenia Mori, has worked the same way as an actress for some time.

Barbara Mori net worth

Barbara Mori

At age fourteen, teenager Barbara Mori earns money by putting drinks in a Mexican establishment when her physique and beauty calls attention to one of her clients, who offers her modeling. It is your professional start. In this way it is gradually introduced into the world of catwalks and advertising the country. What initially begins as an adolescent occupation becomes over time a serious work fruit of her vocation, since in 1997 she began to study for actress and model in the Center of Studies of Actoral Formation of Mexico.

Very soon, in the same 1997, Barbara makes debut before the cameras of television with the telenovela To the north of the heart of the Aztec Television. Also makes an appearance in the series TricTrac. From that moment she does not stop working and accumulates in her curriculum numerous performances in telenovelas made in Mexico. Her next work is Mirada de mujer, in whose recording she shares screen with two well-known actors: Angélica Aragón and Fernando Luján.

Barbara Mori gets her first starring role in a telenovela in 1998, when she appears in Azul tequila. Its interpretation convinces to the professionals of the genre of Mexico and end up granting to him in the same 1998 the Prize Revelation Television and Novelas. The actress is more and more known by Mexican viewers and those responsible for Mexican television channels do not stop offering him roles in their productions. Her name appears in the series I die for you and Amores, want with treachery. Her career is so consolidated that in 2001 she recorded her first film, Inspiration.

2001 marks a before and after in the professional life of Barbara Mori. In addition to making her debut in the film with the film Inspiration, her name also jumps to the theatrical stages where she is the protagonist of the work Vaseline 2001. Her experience in the tables is so positive that Barbara repeats it the following year with the work Celos I said.

The next telenovela in which Barbara Mori participates serves him to break some of the prefabricated schemes around her. In Get my bike (made in 2002) represents for the first time in her career a role of evil. Its spectacular beauty already serves him for something more than to embody the traditional papers of young helpless girls.

Net Worth of Bárbara Mori

The Net Waorth of Bárbara Moriin 2017 is $150 Million.

Years pass and Barbara does not lack the work in the telenovelas industry that are traditionally made in Mexico. She participates in Mirada de Mujer: the return and in Amor Sullen until in 2004 she meets with her golden opportunity: the main role of Rubí, a production of Televisa where she works with E. Santamarina. It is her last performance so far and with her participation in this telenovela can be said that Mori gets the highest recognition of the public in her country and becomes a true international audiovisual star.

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