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Asif Ali Zardari Net Worth Income Profile and Assets

Asif Ali Zardari, famous among Pakistanis, the stories of his cunning politics, mega corruption scandals, and gang war in Karachi are the highlighted ones. Zardari is one of the five richest politicians of Pakistan including current Prime Minister and industrial magnate Nawaz Sharif. He currently resides in Dubai with his daughters, he has three children, two daughters, Asifa and Bakhtawar, and a son Bilawal Zardari. He married Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1987. Asif Zardari served Pakistan as one of the most powerful presidents from 2008-13, under his chairmanship, PPP was the first to complete a 5-year tenure in assemblies in the history of 70-year old Pakistan. Asif Ali Zardari net worth is estimated to be in Billions, keeping aside his off-shore companies and hidden Swiss accounts.

asif ali zardari income

Zardari’s return after his long-term exile

Political Career & Corruption Charges:

Zardari had a robust political career, it all started with district council elections in Nawabshah, he lost that seat. Zardari married the daughter of former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1987, Benazir Bhutto, his wife became prime minister in 1988 & 1993. Zardari influenced every single organization during that 2-year tenure, finally, in 1990 Benazir Government collapse, the main reason was an overwhelming corruption of Zardari that led to its downfall. Zardari was put into jail, he won National Assembly elections from jail, he was alleged of Bank robberies, gold smuggling, assassinating his business partners, attaching a bomb to British Businessman’s feet, profits in defense and civil deals, and his infamous ten percent formula in every deal. He was famed as “Mr. Ten Percent” in the 1990s.

asif zardari net worth

Zardari and Benazir

Zardari became a federal investment minister in the second serving of PPP, he was made a chairman of FIA, and IB. after the dismissal of Benazir regime, he was arrested again for corruption and murder of his brother-in-law Murtaza Bhutto. He fled to Dubai after a long imprisonment and returned after Benazir assassination in 2007. Zardari became Pakistan’s 11th President, he remained in office for 5 years, his policies were much like Musharraf regarding war-on-terror but he failed miserably in developing cordial relations with Afghanistan and India. Zardari is alleged of looting billions of dollars from the national treasury, and heading civil war in Karachi and Interior Sindh.

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asif ali zardari house

luxurious surrey palace owned by Asif Ali Zardari


Zardari continuously remained in the limelight because of scandals and allegations. His money laundering issues in Poland, issues regarding forging documents by Citibank, assets in Switzerland, helicopter scandals, to Dassault Aviation France, his scandals were live all over the world. His latest scandal being money laundering and smuggling of $500,000, caught at the airport by Customs and Airport security being carried away to Dubai in a bag by Model girl Ayyan Ali, an alleged girlfriend of Asif Ali Zardari. Zardari is also wanted in multiple cases by every high court and Supreme court of Pakistan. Releasing CIA agent Raymond Davis and not giving a proper reaction on Salala check post attack by NATO forces, and US Military raid in Abbottabad were few events that developed a hatred of Pakistanis towards PPP Government and Zardari. Opposition parties gave him a really tough time over the discharge of judges and assertion of writing a letter to Swiss officials regarding the opening of corruption charges against himself and late Benazir Bhutto.

asif zardari scandals

ayyan is alleged girlfriend of Asif Ali Zardar, stated by Choudhary Nisar Ali Khan interior minister of Pakistan

Net Worth of Asif Ali Zardari:

Asif Ali Zardari is the only son of his Landlord father Hakim Ali Zardari, he is co-chairperson and de-facto chairperson of Pakistan’s second largest political party in the national assembly, and stake holder of Pakistan’s richest city Karachi, his other assets and sources of income consist of his shares in sugar mills, flour mills, hundreds of acres of agricultural land, his hundreds of off-shore companies in Panama, British Virgin Islands, United States Of America, and unspecified running buisnesses in Dubai and Pakistan. Zardari owns real estate in almost every european country from Poland to France and UK. He has around 40 properties and farm houses in USA, above 50 in UK including renowned Surrey Mansion and the list goes on. Zardari have bank accounts in every well-known bank, his off-shore earnings flow directly to those banks. There are atleat 140 bank accounts correlated to Zardari and his partners. The net worth of Zardari is estimated from charges against him by courts of law, US senate reports, reports compiled by NAB, media reports, and credible internet websites covering Zardari wealth and assets related to him.

Declared Assets (2016): $1.5 Billion (RS. 150 Billion Pakistani)

Undeclared(Offshore) Assets: $3 Billion (RS. 300 Billion Pakistani)

Net Worth: $4.5 Billion (RS. 451 Billion Pakistani)

Annual Income: $150 Million



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