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Antonio Banderas Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Antonio Banderas Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Son of a teacher and a policeman, Antonio Banderas showed from a young age a clear inclination for dramatic art, a discipline he studied in his hometown. He worked with different theater companies for a few years until, after moving to Madrid, he decided to continue his artistic career in the capital.


There he combined his work in the theater with other outstanding performances on television that made the film industry focus on him, starting to play small roles in discrete productions. His interventions in the works History of the Tarantos and The daughter of the air are the most remarkable, besides his participation in the mid eighties in the assembly of Eduardo II of England, directed by Lluis Pascual.



Antonio Banderas took his first steps in the cinema with the hand of Pedro Almodóvar, director inscribed in the so-called movida from Madrid, who offered him the role of Sadec in Labyrinth of passions (1982). Although the film was not among the best of its director, it served for both to initiate an intense and interesting collaboration: it interpreted to a student of the school of bullfighting in Matador (1985), to a contradictory homosexual in the law of the desire (1986) And consolidated its prominence in Women on the verge of an attack of nerves (1987) and Átame (1989), with two completely opposite roles.


Without a doubt, Antonio Banderas’ relationship with Almodóvar was fundamental in his career, for after the good reception of the films of the Manchego director, Banderas became an object of critical and public attention, which established a logical association between both.


In addition to his work with Almodóvar, Banderas participated in other films that allowed him to learn the trade well and consolidated him in the Spanish artistic panorama. During the eighties, he especially emphasized his roles in La corte de faraón (1985), by José Luis García Sánchez; Baton Rouge (1988), by Rafael Moleón, and La blanca pigeon (1989), by Juan Miñón. Nevertheless, it was the international projection of his films with Almodóvar that served as a business card in Hollywood; Thus, singer Madonna required the Málaga actor for his film In bed with Madonna (1991), directed by A. Keshishian.


The popularity he gained and his self-confidence led him to try to establish himself in the United States. At the age of thirty, Antonio Banderas made his way through the complex network of American cinema, which he began as one of the protagonists of Arnold Glimcher’s songs of love (1991). His role had been offered in principle to Andy Garcia, but this one rejected him. In cinematographic circles it was said that this decision influenced the career of the two actors, while the one of the Cuban actor experienced a stagnation, that of the Spanish initiated a notorious rise in the field of Hispanic cinema.


Nevertheless, the trajectory of Banderas has been irregular in Hollywood. His films include Philadelphia (1993), directed by Jonathan Demme and starring Tom Hanks, which was a blockbuster, and Martin Campbell’s The Mask of the Fox (1998), as well as important supporting roles Of first line in films like Interview with the vampire (1994), of Neil Jordan. Banderas also participated in productions that did not obtain the expected results of them, like Fernando Trueba’s Two Much (1995) or Jonas McCord’s The Body (2001).




His physical appearance and his accent (usually doubling to himself) kept him generally in a very characteristic type of paper: Latin, seductive and mysterious; An example was his interpretation in Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado (1995), where all the aforementioned aspects converge, which he assumed without complaining, making sure that his personal sympathy, concealed some technical shortcomings.


Banderas is the Spanish actor that more international reputation has achieved; His presence at festivals and awards shows, including the Oscars, and among the directors he has worked with, are among the prestige names of Carlos Saura, Richard Donner and Bille August, among others. His personality has even become a reference for many people, as evidenced by the fact that his image is also used by different brands.





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