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Angela Merkel Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Angela Merkel Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. German politics, president of the German Christian Democratic Union since 2000 and Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany since 2005. She is the first woman since the birth of the German state (1870), and also the first person Extinguished German Democratic Republic (RDA, communist), that assumes the head of the federal Government.Born in Hamburg in 1954, Angela Merkel, the daughter of a Protestant pastor, lived from a few months in the GDR, under the rigors of the Communist regime, and was not a dissident, but a militant of German (Communist) Youth, Physics at the University of Leipzig, where she obtained her doctorate in 1986.

Researcher at the Academy of Sciences of the GDR, she did not enter politics until the collapse of the Wall, in November 1989, and made a meteoric career: Minister for Youth and Family (1990-1994) and Environment and Nature (1994- 1997), close collaborator of the chancellor Helmut Kohl, and when retiring this, general secretary (1998) and president of the party, position for which was chosen the 10 of April of 2000.

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net worth of Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

German commentators point out that, within the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), dominated by Catholic leaders in the western regions, Merkel showed admirable tenacity in the struggle for power since she was elected general secretary in 1998. During the cataclysm Which shook the party over illegal donations, which took Kohl’s heir ahead of the party’s presidency, Wolfgang Schäuble, her political ambition prevailed over the respect she professed to her mentor.

Not only did she criticize Kohl in a press article that caused a sensation, but she called for a new impetus to free the party from the heavy inheritance. Although chairman of the CDU since April 2000, her meteoric rise raised suspicions among the party’s barons, who considered her a transitional figure, so that when a candidate for the election had to be elected, coalition parliamentarians preferred the president Of the Bavarian branch, the Christian Social Union (CSU), Edmund Stoiber. Her quarrel with the head of the parliamentary group, Friedrich Merz, curtailed her aspirations, but this pretense, far from depressing it, breathed new energies.

Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s defeat of Stoiber in the September 22, 2002 elections allowed Merkel to climb a new ladder in the arduous powerhouse: she displaced Merz, weakened by the electoral fiasco, and was elected chairwoman of the group Parliamentarian CDU-CSU and, therefore, head of the opposition in the Bundestag.

If we believe her principal biographer, Gerd Langguth, she followed Kohl’s advice that, in order to preserve power, it is necessary to dominate the party, but it also maintained its proverbial distrust of the coreligionists who are entrenched in bureaucratic gears. Her intentions did not materialize until she was triumphantly re-elected president of the CDU at a congress in Hanover, on November 11, 2002, consecrated as undisputed leader. She was re-elected two years later, in December 2004, and consolidated her reputation as a relentless woman.

During her three years in the first seat of the opposition, not only was she tenacious in her diatribes against the reforms of Schröder, which she judged insufficient, but gained the reputation of adopting a strictly rational position before the problems, from which a style Politician who flees from generalities to stick to the observation and study of details. In contrast to Kohl, a traditional Catholic politician, obsessed with history and social and political consensus, she acted as a scientific, pragmatic, “independent of ideology”, in her words, carefully weighing the pros and cons , But that does not hesitate in the decision.

Net Worth of Angela Merkel 

The Net Worth of Angela Merkel in 2017 is $220 Million.

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Full Name Vicente Fox
Net Worth $12 Million
Nationality American
Annual Income$3 Million

Elected unanimously by the CDU-CSU coalition candidate to the Foreign Ministry on May 30, 2005, the electoral campaign started with a 20-point lead, but this began to disappear as soon as it revealed its economic program and, especially, since it announced Which would raise the value added tax (VAT) on two points to promote job creation. Instead of making amends, she riveted it by choosing as a tax adviser a professor at the University of Heidelberg, Paul Kirchhof, with an ultraliberal vision, who advocated a radical reform of taxes and recklessly proposed a single levy of 25 % And the abolition of subsidies.

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