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Adam Savage Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Adam Savage Net Worth

Designer | Adam Savage

Net Worth of Adam Savage. The man of numerous talents, Adam Savage, is an all to one star. He is a born American engineering designer, special effects maker, performer, television persona and educationalist. Savage is most famous for cohosting Discovery Channel television chain called Mythbusters and Unchained reactions with Jamie Hyneman. The man has also appeared in Star Wars: Episode 2 and also The Matrix Reloaded. Adam Savage net worth and income profile is listed at the end of the article.

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Savage was born and raised in New York. He took his higher education from Sleepy Hollow High School. Savage began acting like a child and has had five years of acting school, which later turned out to become a career for him. Whitney Lee, the senior Savage, was an artist, filmmaker and animator and is mainly known for his work on the Sesame Street. His mother is a psychoanalyst and therapist. He has two twin sons from a previous relationship whereas is still married to Julia Ward.

The fellow of plentiful attitudes has a lifelong interest in costume making and cosplay. Savage is currently an editor and contributor at In 2011, Savage appeared in a short film directed by Frank Ippolito. Earlier, Savage hosted an episode on Discovery Channel series called “Curiosity” in which he ventured as to whether humans can live forever or not.

Savage has been a constant guest talker at the yearly Maker Faire since 2008, speaking on diverse topics such as his fascination with the dodo bird and setback resolving, and also grasping queries from the spectating members about the MythBusters and other things. Savage has also worked at the Academy of Art University, teaching advanced model making in the department of Industrial Design for quite a while. You may also want to read the Aaron Kaufman Net Worth Income Profile and Salary, his worth is less than the half of, what Adam Savage total worth is.

Net Worth of Adam Savage

After the enormous effort this man has put in himself to become something, Adam Savage net worth today is estimated to be of $8 million.

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