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Aaron Rowand Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

See here for Aaron Rowand Net Worth: Aaron is a 39-year old professional baseball center fielder, he played for multiple baseball clubs in MLB and local leagues. Aaron started off his career with Chicago White Socks in 2001 in MLB.

He remained with white socks for five years, he was once sent to the minor league for his disappointing performances and majorly his dirt bike injury. In 2005, he got his rhythm back, he made 77 runs with an average of .233, his .477 slugging percentage and .978 fielding percentage with only three errors made his way to the top, the same year his team White Sox won the World Series.

aaron rowand net worth

aaron rowand giving post-match interview

Net Worth of Aaron Rowand:

After being traded to Philadelphia Phillies, his game was now more promising and intense, the famous nose smashing incident occurred in a match against Mets, his nose was severely broken, he undergone surgery for that and returned after a month.

Aaron Rowand made a huge deal with San Fransisco Giants owing his services for five years, Rowand lost and achieved many things in those five years. Aaron always gave his hundred and one percent to the game, the reason he is a huge success in baseball. His net worth and income profile is collected from various online sources and official franchise records.

Net Worth: $60 Million

Income per Year: $10 Million

Monthly Income: $0.5 Million

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